FIFA 23 finally recovers a team stolen by Konami

With FIFA 23 Just around the corner, the dance of trickle-down news, small announcements, and first feature reveals has begun, and the last we know of the game is that one team will return to the series after having gone over to the opposite side for a while. And yes, obviously we are talking about Piedmont F.C.

The old lady returns

EA has announced that Juventus Turin will return with its official name to the game after spending some exclusive time with Konami and their eFootball. It has been 3 years since Juve went to eFootball, and the truth is that the Turin team has lost stars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala, so the squad at the moment is not as exciting as in previous seasons.

But be that as it may, the agreement with Konami ended, and EA has taken over the rights from the team to include it in their game again. This implies that, in addition to the name of the team, the kit and the entire squad, we can also enjoy the official stadium, the Allianz Stadiumso that we can experience great European nights in the Roman coliseum.

a new hero


Taking advantage of the new alliance, EA did not want to miss the opportunity to continue improving the game mode most played by fans. We are obviously talking about FIFA FUT, which will receive a new FUT Hero card starring Claudio Marchisio, who was a Juventus midfielder until 2018 before retiring in 2019.


This new hero will serve to create new links in your FUT squad with Italian players, possibly being a very interesting offensive center profile to take into account. It is Marchisio himself who gives voice to the presentation trailer for Juventus’ arrival at FIFA 23.

A multi-year deal

The official statement speaks that the agreement will be signed for several years, so we do not know exactly if it will be 3, 4 or more years that Juventus will remain within the EA soccer game, which we remember, will cease to be FIFA the year that comes. And it is that change that is likely to generate a tidal wave of reaction, as many companies in the industry are preparing to release their own soccer game now that the FIFA license will be released.

Is EA preparing a wave of exclusivities to guarantee the presence of original teams in its next game? We’ll see if the giant surprises us with any more announcements in the coming weeks, and it would make a lot of sense if what they’re looking for is to have a selection of original teams that you can’t find in other games. Imagine that 2K Games is preparing a great game, but due to exclusivities it is left without being able to include Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​​​Juventus and others for that reason. As you can imagine the launch of said game would be quite flat, so it is possible that EA is already playing its first cards with an eye to the future.

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