Prepare your PC for the new CPUs with these EVGA supplies on sale

Although current and future CPUs have really high power consumption, they are nothing compared to GPUs. The problem is that since the prices of the latter are skyrocketing, it is more than likely that it will take us some time to find models at a good price. Updating your PSU will not be in vain in this case, since at some point you will change graphics card and therefore, making the leap to one of these EVGA is something you will surely take advantage of in the future.

EVGA and PcComponentes lower the price of two mid-range PSUs

A good power supply will undoubtedly have good hardware under its belt, but in addition to this it will have other characteristics that the others will not include and above all, an above-average performance. The two EVGA sources that we are going to show you on offer meet the requirements and belong to two different ranges that will fit your pocket willingly.


We are facing the smallest of the GQ range, but that does not mean it will be less. With 650 watts we are facing a semi-modular power supply that integrates 100% Japanese Rubycon capacitors and quite advanced electronics for its price.

Not surprisingly, the brand offers no less than a 5-year warranty on this PSU, which also obtains the 80 Plus Gold certificate that guarantees an efficiency of 89% to 100% load at the source. As main features we can include its ECO mode, which stops the fan until the PSU does not exceed 40% of the load and once this happens, it keeps it very quiet.

This mode is activated by a physical button, so it can be logically deactivated. Its design is semi-modular, where only the 24-pin cable is fixed, something that is an essential requirement. On the other hand, we have before us a single rail source with SR + DD capable of delivering up to 54 Amps.

Its price falls from 98.26 to 79.99 euros, an 18% discount.


Interestingly, this PSU, although it has more available watts, has a worse 80 Plus (Bronze) certificate. This does not mean that its quality is inferior, not at all, simply that its efficiency is in the lower step compared to its sister. Proof of this is that EVGA maintains the 5-year warranty and endows it with OVP, UVP, OCP, OPP and SCP, which is more than complete for its price.

We also have before us a single rail PSU, capable of delivering up to 70 amps on the + 12V line. In this case we will not have the ECO system of the brand, so the fan will always rotate, something that many users look for.

In favor, it is a semi-modular source with a really interesting price, only 81.95 euros, a 21% discount since it was at a cost of 104.98 euros.

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