Filming of Will Smith’s film Emancipation, suspended due to COVID-19

The filming of Will Smith’s next movie, Emancipation, is running into a large number of problems during filming. A few months ago, the production company decided to change the filming location due to the controversial changes in the voting law, about which we inform you in this article.

The new problem facing the filming of this film is found in the coronavirus. According to Deadline, several members of the film crew have tested positive for COVID-19, so they have been forced to stop shooting the movie for at least a week.

As we can read in Deadline:

The cast and crew have just been notified about the hiatus, which is expected to last approximately five days. This is a precautionary measure that occurs two weeks into the filming of this film directed by Antoine Fuqua from a script by William N. Collage.

It is the latest Hollywood production to interrupt filming due to positive tests carried out in recent weeks, as the country faces a new wave of Covid fed by the highly contagious Delta strain.

As I have commented above, this It is the second time that the film starring Will Smith faces a setback. A few months ago, Antoine Fuqua and Will Smith decided to change the Georgia filming location because of the voting law changes, a filming location that was replaced by Louisiana.

The thriller is based on a true story which was “irrefutable proof of the barbarity of slavery in America,” in which Will Smith plays Peter, a slave fleeing a Louisiana plantation after he was nearly whipped to death.

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