New update for the Apple Watch now available

watchos 8.4.1

A few hours ago, Apple has released by surprise, a new update to the operating system of the Apple Watch, thus reaching version 8.4.1. In the update details, we see Apple’s usual description: Unspecified bug fixes if the issue with the Wallet app that many users are experiencing has been fixed.

After installing watchOS 8.4 together with iOS 15.3, many users reported problems when it came to sync Wallet data from iPhone to Apple Watch. Both versions were released last Wednesday, January 26. A week later, Apple has released watchOS 8.4.1.

As we can see in the release notes “watchOS 8.3.1 includes bug fixes for Apple Watch Series 4 and later versions”, so if you have a Series 3this update will not be available through the Apple Watch app.

In the description of this update we can also read “This update has no published CVE entries”. In Spanish, it means that they have not patched known vulnerabilities.

If you haven’t yet upgraded to watchOS 8.4, possible culprit for the Wallet sync malfunction, you should wait a few days to wait if finally this problem has finally been solved.

How to update Apple Watch to the latest version

The watchOS 8.4 update can be installed directly from the Apple Watch, as long as it is connected to a Wi-Fi network. From the Settings appwe headed to general > Software update.

Another faster option is to update it from the iPhone, through the Apple Watch application, within the menu General – Software update.

The update will be installed immediately if the Apple Watch has 50% or more battery and it is connected to the charger.

Needless to say we must not disconnect it from the charger until the installation is complete.

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