It’s 2023, and Microsoft is still selling you a $15 DVD player for Windows 11

We can find certain programs to reproduce these files, both paid and free. At the same time, many of these titles that we are talking about and that you can download directly from the Internet, allow us to reproduce physical supports. Here we refer to the popular DVD or Blu-ray that many still use at home. It may happen that we have a good collection of supports of this type and we like to reproduce them from time to time.

Not everything went to streaming video platforms and files that we have on the computer to watch movies and series. many users have their own titles on DVD or Blu-ray to play and enjoy whenever they want. Thus, they only have to use their digital players in the form of software to see this content that we are discussing. The truth is that most of the programs of this type that we find at the moment are free.

In fact, some of the most common and used we can download and install without making any outlay. With everything and with this and for many years and versions of Windows, Microsoft continues to offer us software for this type of reproduction, and for a fee. We are talking about a program that has been criticized a lot in recent years, not only because of its price, which is 15 euros, but also because of its limited use and problematic operation.

Microsoft wants you to pay to watch a DVD in Windows

We tell you all this because for many years the software giant has wanted to charge us for playing a DVD on its operating system. To do this, the official Windows store offers us an application precisely called Windows DVD Player, with which He intends to charge us 15 euros to carry out these multimedia tasks.

dvd windows 11

In this way, we only have to access the Microsoft Store to find this software tool and pay for it to play a DVD. However, this does not make much sense, despite the fact that Microsoft itself insists on it now even on windows 11. And it is that we must take into account that there are currently many alternative applications to this that allow us to reproduce these physical supports without Google cost.

But it seems that Microsoft sometimes doesn’t learn and keeps stumbling on the same stone over and over again. But despite everything, users have more and more experience and if this is an application that has never been overwhelmingly successful, it will be less and less so. In addition, to all this we can add that, apart from costing 15 euros, it is a problematic program that does not work well, and also normally we will not receive a response from Microsoft if we report a bug.

It is likely that Windows 12 and subsequent ones will arrive in a few months, and Microsoft wants us to continue trying to sell this software. From here we can tell you that don’t be fooled.

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