Micro LED TV sales are anecdotal: Samsung promises to lower its price

One of the great protagonists in the sector of Micro LED It is Samsung, which has some tall models in its catalog. Even LG has announced that it will launch its own panels with this technology. But even so, it has not just started in the audiovisual sector.

Following Omdia’s market investigation, it appears that Micro LED TV shipments have not exceeded 4,000 units in 2021. Every quarter, Omdia counts the television shipments in units of 1000, and it is expected that the next quarterly shipment of Micro LED televisions will be zero until the arrival of the first quarter of this 2022, and the fourth quarter of this same. Assuming there will be a shipment of a maximum of 999 Micro LED TVs per quarter, the maximum shipment for the year would be 3,996 units.

Samsung will continue to bet on Micro LED technology

In June of last year, Omdia predicted that the number of shipments of Micro LED televisions would reach 16,000 units. Shipments of these models last year stood at 1,000 units, and this year Samsung Electronics predicted that there could be an increase as sales of Micro LED televisions increased. But in a recent report, Omdia reduced this prediction to a quarter from the previous 16,000 units. Micro LED TVs offer superb picture quality, but the price is outrageous.

The manufacturer continues to be one of the great defenders of Micro LED technology. Without going further, in the last edition of CES it showed new models with diagonals of 89,101,110 inches, which is an average of more than 10 inches compared to the existing 76.85.93 inches.

But of course, the 89-inch model, the smallest of the new range, will be priced at approximately more than 70 million won, or about 52,000 euros to change. An impossible figure for most users. Such a high price does not make sense, but the production costs are too high. Luckily, Samsung aims to lower the price of its Micro LED TVs.

To get started, in May of this year they will open a new plant in Slovakia that will be exclusively dedicated to the production of Micro LED panels. Samsung Electronics Vice President Han Jong-hee said: “The cost of Micro LEDs is down to a quarter of what it was when The Wall was announced in 2018. ″ Production will increase as the Micro LED plant in the city is built ”.

In this way, we will have to wait until May, the date on which this Micro LED factory will be put into operation to see if Samsung gives us a joy. Although it is clear that this technology will take time to reach the consumer market.

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