GeForce Now takes an important leap with its latest update

NVIDIA’s popular cloud gaming service GeForce Now has been upgraded to the version 2.0.37 thanks to a new patch that introduces very interesting and important new features to the client we use to access said service.

In the list of changes we can also find the arrival of five new games to GeForce Now, that are available on different digital distribution platforms. These are the titles that NVIDIA has confirmed:

  • Mortal Online 2 (Steam, January 25).
  • Daemon X Machina (Free on the Epic Games Store, from 01/27 to 02/03).
  • Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition (Steam and Epic Games Store).
  • Tropico 6 (Epic Games Store).
  • Assassin’s Creed III Deluxe Edition (Ubisoft Connect).

So far, GeForce Now has more than 1,300 available games, and every week it expands with new additions. Of all the games that have been added this Thursday, Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition is, in my opinion, the most interesting, especially if we have a subscription to the GeForce Now RTX 3080 mode, since said game has ray tracing applied to lighting, shadows and reflections, and is also compatible with DLSS. This means that with it we can make the most of said subscription.

These are the news that GeForce Now 2.0.37 brings

GeForce Now launches, with this update, new image scaling options that will allow us to increase the resolution of the games. These scaling options fall into three categories:

  • AI Enhanced: it is only available on computers with specific NVIDIA graphics cards, and on SHIELD TV devices. Uses a trained neural network model
    and an algorithm to naturally sharpen the image.
  • Improved: it is an intermediate mode, which is capable of offering higher quality scaling than the standard mode.
  • Standard: is activated by default, it is the one that achieves the most modest result of the three options, but it is also the one that has the least impact on performance.

Another important novelty is the possibility of adjust the quality of the live stream, and the release of the beta phase of the client for LG televisions. NVIDIA has confirmed that the final version of that client will be available through the LG Content Store, and that it will be compatible with all 2021 4K LG models.

Before finishing, I remind you that GeForce Now maintains the free trial option, that is, we can use it without having to pay a penny. This modality includes a basic service and game sessions of one hour (when we reach that time, we will have to return to the access queue), but it is a great option to move those demanding games that our PC is not capable of running smoothly, as we saw at the time in this article.

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