Get 6 months free on Apple TV+ with your game console


if you have one Playstation 4, playstation 5 or a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you can get up to six months of Apple TV+ for free. A new promotion of the Apple TV + platform that is not bad at all.

If we take into account that Apple is not forcing you to buy any device or service to obtain said offer. Simply if you have one of the two current Sony video consoles or subscribe to the Xbox gaming platform, you automatically get this promotion. No more. Let’s see what to do.

If you own a PlayStation you can get up to six months of AppleTV+ free. To do this you have to enter the promotional website of Sony PlayStation and follow the steps. You just need to have your Apple ID and your active PSN (PlayStation Network) account on hand.

If your console is a PS5you’ll get six months Free on Apple TV+. if it’s a ps4they will be then three months. To get them, you just have to download the Apple TV + application on your video console and log in to the video platform with your corresponding Apple ID.

Six months free with a PS5

In this way, the free six months will appear in the Apple TV + subscription. (three if it’s a PS4). You can take advantage of this offer until July 31st of this year.

If you don’t have a PlayStation but do have a xbox game passin the case that it is a plan Ultimate You can also take advantage of the Apple TV + offer, but only for three months for free. To do this, access the rewards section of your Xbox, and from there install the Apple TV + application and start the session with your Apple ID. Remember that you must do it before March 31.

A new Apple TV + promotion that all those gamers who own one of Sony’s video game consoles, or Ultimate members of the Microsoft Xbox Game platform will undoubtedly take advantage of it. It’s not bad at all.

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