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Currently in the AppStore there are more than 1.8 million applications available, but surely if I asked you which are the ten best free applications that you would have on your iPhone, you could list them without batting an eyelid.

And if that is not your case and you want to know what our selection of the ten best free apps for your iPhoneDon’t miss this post. Surely you will find some that you do not know!

How did we choose the best free apps for iPhone?

Choosing the best applications can be somewhat complicated, since everything is really very subjective: depending on how you use your phone, you will have a ranking of the 10 best free applications for iPhone based on your preferences.

To be as impartial as possible, we have chosen to choose them following these criteria:

  • They must be official applications, from developers and reliable sources.
  • It has to give an extra added value to our phone
  • It is mandatory that they have between 4 and 5 stars by users

Best messaging app: Whatsapp

The popular WhatsApp lets you send private messages from iPhone

What can we say that you do not know until the WhatsApp date? This application, due to how widespread it is, we can say that it is up to today best free messaging app that exists for iPhone.

And although there are more complete options, such as Line or Telegram, I think that the award goes to the seniority and a bit for being the bravest gamble who was looking for multiplatform connectivity: at a time when the closest thing to Whatsapp there was was Blackberry Messenger and in which iMessage was beginning to be born as such, WhatsApp came to connect people who used different devices. In addition to all the pluses it has at the security level.

WhatsApp Messenger (AppStore Link)

Best social network: Instagram

Instagram is the best social network

In a world where we came from similar options such as the extinct Tuenti or Facebook, which were beginning to be perceived by users as relatively boring options, or Twitter which was basically the Roman Coliseum largest Internet, a new social network came to the world that brought the best of each house: it allowed to focus on share photos and videos with short text messages.

And with that base, Instagram gradually improved its functionality, bringing features that they came from the professional world of photography to the average user and that today are present in many smartphones (and that surely you have some installed): the image filters.

For this reason, and for having popularized the format of the stories (temporary posts that disappear after 24 hours), we think Instagram wins the award for best social network within the free applications for iPhone.

Instagram (App Store Link)

Best streaming app: Spotify

Spotify for iPhone

Yes, I know that Spotify is paid (at least the premium version without advertising). But it is that the normal version of the popular music streaming application works very well, it has a wide catalog and something that is perceived as a disadvantage, such as offering me music that is not really on my lists, has allowed me to meet new groups and open my musical horizons.

Although certain limitationssuch as shuffle mode, not having HD audio or limiting the possibility of skipping songs, the Spotify free version It is still an excellent option to listen to music online for free and discover new artists and songs and for this reason we believe that it deserves to be the best free streaming application.

Spotify - Music & Podcasts (AppStore Link)

Best Video App: YouTube


Without a doubt, if an application deserves to be valued as the pioneer and undisputed queen of video content, it is Youtube.

Due to the filming, the stability of the videos, having the support of a large company like Google, the possibilities it offers in terms of existing content and the rapid adoption of new formats and businesses such as YouTube Shorts either Youtube music (the latter paid), we believe that it deserves to be in the first place.

But it is also true that you have to closely follow other options such as kick either twitchwhich are also hitting hard although They are more focused on content creators and streamers.

YouTube (App Store Link)

Best Maps App: Google Maps

Google Maps returns to Apple Watch

And although Apple is sorry for its Maps application, the undisputed queen in the category of free maps is google mapsundoubtedly.

The Google option has a cvery refined artographya wide coverage and precision that it has (even some of us have gone out in streetview with our faces blurred if we’ve been caught by google car), compatibility with Apple Car and real-time updates on road and traffic conditions, among other features.

Although I don’t want to leave this category to talk about another similar application, but which is based on offline maps: Here WeGo Maps. If I had to go on a trip to a place without roaming, but needing maps, without a doubt this would be my number one option.

Here WeGo Maps is based on Nokia’s original cartography, which was very cutting-edge and clearly inspired by the well-known TomTom, with the advantage that works 100% offline: you can download the maps of a geographical area on your mobile and use them without fear, since they are updated.

The only reason why Google Maps is above this other option is because of the real-time options (normal as it is an application that depends on the Internet), as well as because of the compatibility with Apple Car that those of Here have not yet resolved. .

If space is not an issue, I would install both applications.

Google Maps - routes and food (AppStore Link)
HERE WeGo Maps & Navigation (AppStore Link)

Best Image Retouching App: Adobe Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express is free

Adobe Photoshop Express is a free mobile application that offers a variety of basic but powerful photo editing tools, from an advanced image editor, the ability to add various filters and effects, basic retouching tools to remove imperfections in photos, or the option to add texts in the pictures.

And although the vast majority of editors present on smartphones allow all these functions to be done to a greater extent… Adobe Photoshop Express does it really well, and with a very interesting extra addition: it has a cAI-based auto corrector that it has very precise algorithms and that knows how to highlight the best of each photo.

Therefore, if you are not an expert and just want to improve the photos you take, we advise you to download Photoshop Express without a doubt.

Photoshop Express Edit Photos (AppStore Link)

Best Notes App: Evernote


If your thing is to write tons of notes so they can be seen on different devices (and not just Apple ones), evernote it’s your app.

With Evernote you can create text notes, lists, images, and audio recordings, and organize them into notebooks and tags for easy search and it is very useful to make lists, save web articles, track projects or simply put your ideas in order.

Everything you write down in the application will be linked through the cloud in the application so that you can have it in multiple devices syncedwithout having to do anything more than have the account open in them.

Evernote - Notes Organizer (AppStore Link)

Best search engine: Microsoft Bing


And despite the mega-powerful Google, in our opinion the best free search engine for iPhone today is Microsoft’s, Bing.

MS Bing offers a wide range of search services, including web search, image search, video search, map search and more. And up to here everything is similar to that of Google… Why have we chosen it?

because bing has integration with the famous artificial intelligence ChatGPT, that allows us not only to make searches easier (we don’t need to review hundreds of websites looking for a concept, when Bing can summarize them for me), but to be able to interact more face to face with the search engine.

For being innovative and breaking with what is traditionally expected of a search engine, Microsoft Bing takes this podium for the best search engine app without a doubt.

Bing: Chat with AI and GPT-4 (AppStore Link)

Best Web Browser: Brave Browser

Browsed by Brave Fits M1

Safari as a browser is fine and the truth is, it works in a very refined way, but if I had to choose which browser I use on my phone most of my time, without a doubt I would opt for Brave Browser.

Brave is a Chromium-based browser, so all users of the Google browser will not be surprised by the graphical interface and will have no problem navigating any website, but the best thing about Brave is its focus on privacy, browsing speed and the protection against unwanted ads.

Another interesting feature of Brave is the BAT (Basic Attentions Tokens). If you agree to see advertising on Brave, in exchange they will give you tokens of their cryptocurrency through their Brave Rewards, which you can donate to your favorite content creators if you want to support them.

Brave Private Web Browser (AppStore Link)

Best Music Recognition App: Shazam

Shazam is the most popular app to find songs

And although we have already talked about the best applications to recognize songs, we continue to maintain our winner: Shazam is the number one app for recognizing music.

The precision when it comes to giving us results, as well as the seniority, its extensive music database and the integration with Apple Music if you want to buy a song, make it without a doubt our favorite option when choosing an application to recognize songs.

Shazam (App Store Link)

And with this we would finish our selection of the ten best free applications for iPhone. Do you agree with our selection? Do you know any other that deserves us to know? Anything you want to let us know, Feel free to leave it in comments!

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