Globomatik from Almeria wins the 2022 Economy Award from the College of Economists

They weren’t born in a garage like the great Silicon Valley tech companies, but almost. A small shop of barely 20 square meters in the center of Almería It was the origin, in December 2002, of Globomatik. It is a story of leadership and innovation of the brothers Juan and Luis Romero which, 20 years later, have become a European benchmark in technology and computing. With a turnover of 151 million euros and close to 100 workers, they are considered among the Top 10 wholesalers in Spain. Now, they open 16,000 square meter facilities, where they will continue to advance in their diversification.

Now, the Andalusian SME has been chosen by the College of Economists as Economy Award 2022in its twenty-second edition, thus succeeding its predecessors, as they were Jams Lorusso, Cáritas Almería, Biorizon Biotech, Agrobío, Real Track System, LD Aromaticos, Vicasol, Grupo Caparrós or Visual Chart, winners in recent years.

Dean of the College of Economists, Ana Moreno, accompanied by other members of the Governing Board, recently visited the new headquarters of this wholesale computer and technology company in Almería, a 100% sustainable space, where 93 people work, and which has the maximum comforts, such as a gym, green areas , cafeteria or gaming area. Ana Moreno affirms that “Globomatik is an example of the DNA of Almería, that from humility they have grown little by little, based on a lot of work, talent and courageous and strategic decisions, becoming the leading computer and technology wholesaler in Spain”.

During the visit, the founders of this inspiring company, Juan and Luis Romero from Almeria, showed them the company’s technological advances, which allow them to carry out an average of 1,200 orders a day. Along these lines, the new automated warehouse stands out, with the incorporation of two robots and four 12-meter-high modules with the capacity to prepare 152 orders per hour. Its automatic trays are controlled by a touch interface to load orders and have them shipped to customers.

love for computing

His love for computing, envisioning a unique business model for the time and a very ambitious strategy were the pillars on which the company was built, which has been growing unstoppably ever since. Believing in a job well done as a fundamental basis, and with a desire for effort, enthusiasm and perseverance inherited from their father and grandfather, the Romero brothers managed to raise the first stone of a project that was going to change the history of the sector in the province of Almería and throughout Spain.

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Since then it has been a continuous growth. In the last 10 years, between 2012 and 2022, Globomatik has experienced its most successful period. A few years in which the seeds planted by Juan and Luis Romero flourished in such a way that the company received several awards and recognitions for its rapid expansion and leadership. Without going any further, in 2015 he got the prize for the best online store of the ‘Ecommerce Awards’, recognizing the companies that stood out the most in Spain.

In 2016, Globomatik was among the Spanish companies with the highest growth in Europeaccording to the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), closing 2017 as the second most important wholesaler with 100% Spanish capital in our country.

Today, the Globomatik Group has added the new branches of logistics, household appliances and renewable energy to computing. He has even created his own brand of desktop computers: ADONIA. A new impulse towards the future that is visualized with the inauguration of a warehouse and offices of more than 16,000 square meters. A space that meets the new environmental quality standards. A ship in line with the most modern companies in the world, with a cafeteria, playroom, gaming area, rest area, gym, changing rooms, training areas, multi-rooms for meetings and an auditorium, as well as terraces for meeting or working, and spaces outdoor greens with barbecues. All this is a space with plenty of natural light and that has been designed for meeting and collaborative work.

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