Gollum, and here you can buy it for less than 35 euros

Lovers of video games and the work of JR Tolken are in luck. After a long wait, today is the launch day of the latest video game based on The Lord of the Rings trilogy: The Lord of the Rings: Golluma title that ensures us a great number of hours of fun and that will immerse us in Middle-earth through Gollum.

In this new video game based on Tolkien’s work, we put ourselves in the shoes of Gollum who decides to leave the Misty Mountains to embark on a journey full of dangers that takes him from the dungeons of Bard-dûr to Mirkwood, the kingdom of the elves of the forest and retrieve the Precious. To carry out his mission, Gollum has to make use of different skills in addition to testing our cunning.

Also, also will face Sméagol, his most human side, leaving in the hands of the players who we want to take control of the situation in the face of each of the dangers he faces during his trip to Mirkwood. Throughout the journey, we will meet well-known characters from the books as well as new characters that will help us on our journey or do everything possible so that we do not achieve our goal.

Gollum’s story was never developed by Tolkien, so if we like this trilogy it is an excellent way to broaden our knowledge about this character and see if the game developers tell us what many users think about our protagonist.

Where to buy The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum is one of the most anticipated releases in recent years since its development was announced. So that everyone can enjoy this game, the studio that has worked on its development has worked on versions for all the consoles on the market, allowing users to play both from a Nintendo Switch, as well as from the PlayStation 4/5 and from the Xbox One, S and X. But, in addition, it is also available for Windows computers.

The official launch price of this title for all the platforms on which it is available is €49.99 for the standard version and 59.99 euros for the Precious version in the PC version through Steam. If we take advantage of this offer available at Eneba, we can get the standard version of this title for just under 35 euros, which is a 30% discount.

If we opt for the digital version of this game for Switch, PlayStation and Xbox, we can buy them through the following links.

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