Guardians of the Galaxy: from E3 2021 the trailer for the game of Guardians of the Galaxy

It was a day of big announcements yesterday for the Los Angeles event, with the Xbox Game Pass stealing the show at all the other conferences. Square Enix however, it managed to carve out an important space for e3 2021, presenting titles such as Babylon’s Fall, Life is Strange: True Colors the remaster of Legend of Mana is Guardians of the Galaxy, the game dedicated to Guardians of the Galaxy by Marvel.

The Guardians of the Galaxy E3 2021 trailer

With the reveal trailer that you can find a little further below, Square Enix premiered the third-person action game in which we will take control of the leader of the Guardians: Peter Quill / Star-Lord.

In addition to being able to admire the first sequences in the game, we thus discover that the choices we will make during our adventure (strictly single player) will have repercussions on the entire story told in Guardians of the Galaxy; game of which, however, we do not know much else (except that graphically it seems to be quite promising).

Here is the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer shown during Square Enix’s E3 2021 conference:

In order to get our hands on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy we will have to wait until October 26, 2021, when the game will make its debut on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and PC.


Below you can find the official press release, which offers some more details about the game:

Activate Star-Lord’s rocket boots for a mad dash in the cosmos with a new adventure of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Together with the unpredictable Guardians, he faces one explosive situation after another, with original characters and old Marvel acquaintances fighting for the fate of the universe. You can do it. Maybe.

“The Eidos-Montréal team is honored to be able to work on such a popular series alongside trusted colleagues at Marvel Entertainment,” said David Anfossi, Head of Studio at Eidos-Montréal. “Our teams are known for revisiting intellectual property with an original twist on stories and art direction. As you will find out, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is no exception. “

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy was created by the team of experts at Eidos-Montréal, in collaboration with Marvel Entertainment to ensure an original and authentic experience inspired by over 50 years of Guardians of the Galaxy tradition. Inspired by comics, this unique interpretation of the Guardians of the Galaxy will allow players to experience a turbulent journey among the stars, during which Peter Quill and the Guardians will unknowingly become the Galaxy’s first and only line of defense.

“At the heart of the Guardians series is a unique combination of science fiction, family drama and rock’n’roll style with a bold aesthetic”, said Jay Ong, EVP and Head of Marvel Games. “We are thrilled to partner with Eidos-Montréal and know that this team will lead the company to success. In Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, the team stages a unique insight into our beloved band of misfits. We can’t wait for our fans to discover it in October. “

Master Star-Lord’s dynamic fighting style to take out enemies with elemental guns, and take advantage of each Guardian’s unique abilities to defeat a wide range of interplanetary enemies. Additionally, as the self-proclaimed leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy, players will be faced with multiple choice dialogues and interactions between Quill and the Guardians, which will strengthen the bonds of this dysfunctional family.

Finally, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy it wouldn’t be complete without a rocking soundtrack to whiz through space aboard the Milano. There are countless 80s classics in the game alongside original tracks.


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