Henry Cavill would love to star in the Amazon series

A great gamer in his spare time, Henry Cavill says he would love to be part of the Mass Effect series produced by Amazon Prime Video.

Henry Cavill has been a particularly busy man lately. After showing films Superman, he found himself at the head of the film Enola Holmes and especially of the series The witcher, loved by fans of the eponymous video game as well as non-gamers. As he prepares to return for a second season this weekend, starting December 17, the actor is currently touring the sets for the promotion of the Netflix series.

He has unveiled some details about his alleged participation in another major project: the Mass Effect series ordered by Amazon Prime Video. A few months ago, we learned the officialization of this series and the name of Henry Cavill was already associated with it. On Instagram, the actor had indeed posted a photo of himself in the dressing rooms for The witcher, reading documents related to Mass Effect.

If he had not immediately confirmed being part of the project, he returned to the subject in an interview. Asked by Games Radar, the actor revealed that he would be very interested in playing in, ” it all depends on how they perform it “. He continues to explain:

The world of adaptation can be heavy or light. When I like a product, I prefer the adaptation to be as faithful as possible to the source, so it all depends. I think she found a production, didn’t she? If the show finds one, I’d love to have a conversation this last one. In other words, notice to Amazon Prime Video, Henry Cavill is just waiting for your phone call to sign.

Some difficulties in the program

As the actor suggests, one of the main obstacles to the realization of such a series, is the ambition of the scenario is the fidelity of adaptation of the lore initiated by the video games. As The witcher or Arcane, the series will require a real effort of investigation and cross-checking of the data so as not to commit any inconsistency or nonsense compared to the original saga, which includes a history and an extremely dense universe.

Another big difficulty is the special effects. These are essential, especially for such a demanding science fiction production of Mass Effect. Only time will tell if Amazon has risen to the challenge, and if Henry Cavill will be part of the project.

Furthermore, Mass Effect recently came out in a more complete Legendary edition since it contains the first three games, not only remastered, but above all optimized for use on latest generation consoles, namely the Sony PS5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X / S.

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