How many workers are there at Apple Park?

The Apple Park is the Apple complex located in Cupertino, California. It occupies an area of ​​70 hectares and the building has a curious ring shape. Inside this building they wanted to pay tribute to Steve Jobs, giving the name of the founder of Apple to the theater inside the building. In this post we tell you how the workers in this large complex are organized to maintain confidentiality when developing new Apple products.

Apple’s headquarters has one of the most impressive buildings in the world and it is that its ring shape and its hectares make it a very impressive enclosure. In addition, it has measures and forms of work that do not pollute, being one of the most ecological buildings in the world. It has many green areas so that its employees can take advantage of it and rest, and above all favor the care of the environment. This complex was built based on the idea of ​​Steve Jobs to be as ecological a building as possible. During its construction, certain measures never seen before in a building of this size were applied to take care of the environment as much as possible, since Apple is a company very committed to caring for the environment.


As Apple’s largest headquarters, many workers go there daily to develop new technology. They are estimated to be about 12,000 employees those who are in the facilities, although now after covid teleworking has been implemented and it is possible that there are fewer who go. When the complex was built, it was done thinking that all sectors could be in the same building, so that both product development and internal company communication are as fluid as possible.

How workers are organized

Most of Apple’s hardware products are designed in Apple Park or in surrounding buildings in Cupertino and Sunnyvale, California. For some jobs that require hands-on development, such as hardware development, some hardware engineers in Silicon Valley may go to the office, but depending on how product development is going they are also given the ability to deal from home.

Employees work behind secure doors with blacked-out windows, block products and are prohibited from discussing their tasks even with their spouses. As a result of telecommuting, some of the workers have found it difficult to adapt and this has led to small setbacks in the development of hardware, as confirmed by some Apple workers, who for some interviews asked not to be identified.

Confidentiality is one of the company’s most outstanding characteristics, since they always want their products to be a surprise, both in the design and the development of chips and screens. In fact, in a notice to staff, Apple told its employees that “whether you work from home or in the office, it’s always critical to keep work confidential. While working remotely, please take the same care and always securely store sensitive items and documents when you are not using them.”

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