How NordLayer Protects Your Business Macs and iPhones on the Internet

It should be noted that, as you may have already guessed, this tool comes from the same creators of NordVPN, an application that we have already told you about before and that is the best tool for the particular use of VPN on iPhone, iPad and Mac. Throughout this post you will discover that its ‘sister’ for companies complies with the same policies regarding privacy and performance.

Consumer and business VPN, are they the same?

We start from the base of what a VPN is, which can be broadly defined as a method of connecting to the internet that allows you to surf as if you were in another part of the world. These types of connections are achieved through the use of applications or extensions provided by companies such as Nord Security.

It is in the type of public to which it is addressed that we find the differences. The so-called consumer VPN (or individual VPN) are those focused on individuals in order to provide them with certain advantages for individual internet browsing (access restricted content in certain geographical areas, browse with greater privacy, etc.) .

In the first case, there are tools like NordVPN that provide high-quality services without losing too much speed and at a very “standard” level. And we put quotation marks around this because, although there are very secure and private tools such as those from Nord Security, in the end they lack certain functionalities that an ordinary user does not need and that are nevertheless necessary at the business level.

A company, as a general rule at least, does not require the use of a VPN to access Apple TV + or Netflix content that is restricted in its area. What they are looking for in the end are tools that help them to establish a safe browsing in your business at the same time that they can protect all your data against possible malware that tries to collect this data for illegal purposes.

One difference between business VPNs and individual VPNs is that, predictably, the latter are designed for a single person, while the others are created for use by various. Normally the providers of these services offer rates by number of users or even make personalized estimates to fit the best possible.

Enterprise VPNs, among other things, offer a Unique IP and server for that customer, as opposed to individual VPNs. In the same way, it must be said that the management of the personal VPN is carried out by each one, while in those dedicated to companies there are aadministrator for all accounts who will be able to manage everything related to the rest of the employees.

What does NordLayer offer?

In addition to complying with everything discussed in reference to business VPNs, NordLayer has interesting additional features and tools that prove to be a great choice in this area.

More than 1,100 servers

We start by telling you that NordLayer has over 1,100 servers spread over 32 territories and with forecasts to continue increasing the number, which guarantees to be able to navigate from practically any part of the world. These are also dedicated servers exclusively to your company.

It should be noted that speed which also provides navigation through these. Normally the use of a VPN always reduces this value and although it is a negative point that is already assumed, there are services that offer better speeds than others. And this is the case with NordLayer, as it offers one of the highest speeds on the market.

Unlimited number of users

The circumstances of your company will not be an obstacle in hiring, since NordLayer allows you to include an unlimited number of users, being highly scalable. That is why if, after time, it is necessary to give access to the VPN to new users, it can be done without any problem. All this with a very intuitive control panel that will allow to carry out the management of the network in a very simple way.

From NordLayer they offer a team willing to adapt to your demands in this and other areas with high flexibility and always giving very flexible solutions. Although it must also be said that its tools are very intuitive, so the IT manager of the company will be able to manage everything comfortably.

Security and privacy

It is in this area where NordLayer services stand out very positively by offering a 256 Bit AES encryption, which is a data protection system exclusive to the use of VPN. It guarantees that third parties cannot access personal or browsing data, thus preventing them from being used for any type of unauthorized purpose and to which a certificate, account and key manager.

Another important extra and that is becoming increasingly relevant in any digital environment, whether private or business, is that of two factor authentication. This favors privacy by preventing a third party from having access to the VPN management and your personal data. Besides that they include secure login to Google Suite, Okta and Azure.

In fact, not even Nord Security will access your data because they stay true to their zero log policy. This means that, although for obvious reasons they have your data in relation to billing and other terms, they will not store browsing data on their servers and therefore you will prevent them from being used for advertising or any other purposes.

Other benefits of NordLayer

And although we have already told you the highlights of this service, there are other characteristics that we believe are just as relevant and that together make it a round tool.

  • Centralized billing
  • License transferability
  • IP whitelist for access control
  • Creation of private and custom gateway
  • Next-gen site-to-site
  • Offers iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, and Linux apps.

Why is NordLayer so necessary?

If you are the IT manager of a company or even its main manager, whatever the size, and you operate over the internet, hiring a VPN is almost a must these days. And yes, the possibility of hiring several individuals is not a bad option at all, but in the end they have a series of limitations that make it unthinkable on a large scale. You will lose the options to use private servers or single account management.

The security and privacy issue It is something that is becoming more and more important and it is that, no matter how up-to-date you have your equipment and use it with prevention, it is always positive to have an additional guarantee that ensures this part. We have already told you in this post that Nord Security takes it very seriously and that thanks to its protection systems you will be able to avoid endangering sensitive data of your activity.

And if there are also a good part of the employees who perform teleworking from home, the use of tools like this favors much more that you can have a safe and private browsing. And, although it can be used in a single work center, it is not really necessary that all users accessing the corporate VPN be on the same network.

To the latter we must add another advantage already seen by NordLayer in terms of scalability, since it is something fundamental. At the end of the day, every business idea always starts with the anticipation of growing and with tools like this you can be guaranteed the possibility of adding users at any time.

Yes, besides you operate in other countries or for whatever reason you need to access content only available in those other territories, the use of the VPN as such will make things much easier for you. And it is that, for practical purposes, it will be like sailing from that other territory. And considering the number of NordLayer servers and how spread they are around the world, that’s a hugely interesting advantage.

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