How to change the name to the Apple Watch

If you have just been given an Apple Watch or if you have bought it yourself, one of the first things that is usually done is to configure it to the measure and taste of each one. We can choose the placement of the applications, in a row or in a cell, we can even choose which wrist we wear it on and above all we choose the sphere. One thing, if we choose a sphere with a lot of complications, the configuration task takes longer, whoever has tried it will understand me. All that done, there is one more thing we can do to feel that the Apple Watch we are wearing is unique. Is about change the name of the clock and put the one we want. We tell you how it is done.

When starting the Apple Watch for the first time and pairing it with our iPhone, we will realize that the phone application dedicated to the watch will be of great help to us and we will have to use it many times, at least the first few times, until we have our watch ready. our taste. It is true that many of the functions that we can design and adapt to our needs and tastes can be done from the watch itself, but from the iPhone is usually more comfortable and more visual. Maybe because it has a bigger screen.

From there, from that application, we can configure the sphere and complications that we want and other things, including changing the name of the Apple Watch. In fact it is from there where we will have to do it. As we said, the first time we link the iPhone and the Apple Watch, we will realize that by default, the watch has taken the same name as the phone. It is usually “Apple Watch of…” put your name in the ellipses. But what happens if I want to personalize it or if I have several watches and I want to distinguish them?

Let’s see how we can change the name of the clock. By the way, keep in mind that it is a very very simple operation, but that will serve you later for many other things. In my personal experience, I have two Apple Watches and the connection with the iPhone is automatic. In other words, I have nothing to do to make one or the other work, the mobile simply knows it from the moment I put the watch on my wrist and unlock it with the numerical code, something highly recommended, I already warning. When I have both loaded and need to perform some operation with one of them, it’s good to know which one I’m working with. The name helps me distinguish them. Especially if they are both the same. Same Series and size…etc.

In order to change the name. What we have to do is the following:

Remember to have installed latest update on both the watch and the iPhone terminal. It is not that it is essential, but it will help us in case something goes wrong and we have to recover the information. The more security, the better.

Once these extremes have been verified, we proceed to open the iPhone Watch app. It is installed by default although it can be removed. If this is your case, you can download it again from the App Store at no cost.

Watch (AppStore Link)

Open the app and tap on the tab where it says “my watch”. We go to General–> Information–> We touch the first line, which shows the name of the device–> We proceed to change the name of it. Don’t forget to click OK when you’re done to save your changes. Ready, we have personalized the Apple Watch to our liking and with our name. From this moment, no one will be able to say that the Apple Watch is not yours.

Rename Apple Watch

As you can see, it is a fairly simple operation, but really, almost nobody does it. It can save you some headache in the future, especially when you have more than one watch, or when more than one watch is connected to your same network and each of them can appear in your iPhone application. With the name you will not have to be guessing or seeing if mine, or that of a member of my family, for example, has it updated or if they want to change something in Apple Pay or want to transfer music to be able to listen to it without depending on the phone.

We hope you have been useful and that you put it into practice. Surely you can think of many names for the watch and you know that you can change it as many times as you want. Apple doesn’t care, it doesn’t look at that when it should sync or when it should apply any changes to the clock.

It would not be bad to be able to get to know the names of your watches. I’m sure they give me good ideas, because I’m one of the simple ones: my name and that’s it. The Apple Watch that I use constantly has my name on it, and the other, which I use more for sports, has the last name, “Sport.” Unoriginal. We read you in the comments.

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