How to install and configure DS Video, the best alternative to Plex

This option would be available on all computers SynologySo, if you have another, I’m sorry to tell you that this tutorial will not help you, although you can see if it interests you if you have not yet decided which NAS to buy or if you are thinking of changing it in the future.

DS Video, what is it and how does it work?

All Synology brand servers come with their own application called DS Video, which works as a gallery where we can have our movies, series or personal files. These can be seen from anywhere just like with Plex, with the difference that we won’t have an intermediary app and its operation will be much more fluid and better.

As pros, we should highlight its processing. While with Plex the transcoding increases since the compatibility is less, with DS Video 99% of the files that we want to see on a moderately modern device will go original, without conversions. This produces the advantage that we can be connected from different points at the same time and any NAS, even low-end, can support it.

ds video capture gallery

Besides, its application is on all devices, from PC, Android, iPhone, Fire TV, to Smart TVs like Samsung that come from the factory.

Another of its advantages is that you do not need to pay anything, unlike Plex that if you want to watch it on a mobile device you will have to sign up for a subscription plan.

How is it installed?

Its installation is very simple, we only have to download the DS Video package on our NAS and choose from which folder we want it to acquire the files. And nothing more. From there we will only have to access from the app in another place with our server user credentials and we will be able to see all the content. It would be like entering a drive or the Synology disk itself but with an adapted player that allows us to view those files in video format. All this with an interface similar to Plex.

DS Video app package

Every time we add new content in the previously selected folder, the DS Video package will update it on all devices and we can instantly see the new content wherever you are.

I think it does not require much explanation since its system is the same as Plex, with the advantages that I have previously told you about.

In summary, lighter, more powerful, more compatibility and totally free. Therefore, if you have a NAS with Synology, it is foolish to have an external server like Plex. If you use the application on your device, you will know that at least they will never let you down, since, for example, Plex itself launched a cloud service that it later eliminated, thus harming all users who had files on it. This with DS Video is not going to happen to you, unless you change the NAS.

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