How to scan with iPhone without a third-party app

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What are you doing? Stop typing that History summary, embrace the breakthrough, be modern. Don’t have a scanner? It doesn’t matter today any smartphone is capable of scanning a document without any problem. You do not know how? Do not worry, because today I bring you a guide on how to scan with iphone.

It seemed like yesterday when in school you had to transcribe entire papers because it was very difficult to convert a physical document into a digital one in any other way. But the future is bright, and the future is today; Since the last few years with the advancement in science and technology, we have covered many needs, even some that we didn’t even think we had.

This feature can be functional not only for physical documents, but also for any document that you have stored in the form of photos or PDFs. That being the case, consider to what extent having a scanner on your phone can improve your life; Of course, if you are one of those who, at work or at school, frequently find yourself with these tasks.

Now, without further ado, let’s get to the important part.

How to scan with iPhone without having to download any app?

  1. Enter the application of «Grades«
  2. Once inside, press “Camera«
  3. Press «scan documents«
  4. Point your camera at the document you want to digitize
  5. The document will be scanned automatically or you may have to take the photo yourself (you can change this option in the app settings)
  6. Once the image is obtained, cut it to the size you consider appropriate
  7. Finally, tap on “Keep Scan File”
  8. Now tap “Save” or you can also scan more images to add the result to the document you just created

scan documents

This should be enough. Keep in mind that if what you have is an image or PDF and not a physical document, you can follow the same steps, but once you are in the camera, search for files on the phone.

How to scan with iPhone using apps?

If you’ve already tried your phone’s scanner and don’t like it or think you need more features or better performance for scanning documents, you might consider getting a third-party app. Adobe Scan and Evernote Scannable apps are great alternatives to this native functionality of your iPhone.


how to scan on iphone with adobe scan

Adobe Scan is a very good quality scanner totally free and with some purchasable features within the app. It has a rating of 4.8 stars in the App Store with nothing more and nothing less than 70 thousand ratings.

Able to effectively scan virtually any information that is put in front of you, from contact cards, identifications, purchase receipts and other documents of any kind.

For a casual user, the difference between this app and the scanner function of your phone should not be very noticeable, but if you are going to need to scan documents more than a few times or need better performance when it comes to getting these documents digitized, some clear advantages appear on the app side.

To mention some advantages, we can focus on the clear and comfortable interface and on the greater possibility of customizing the finalization of the document. Usually, with Adobe Scan the process becomes much easier and more intuitivein addition to having more tools at your disposal.

Evernote Scannable


Evernote Scannable is a completely free iOS application. For the most part it is a tool very similar to the previous one, but with the particularity of be able to link with Evernotenow we explain it.

Actually, Evernote is a platform that allows you to save information in a super organized way, it’s like a “Notes” app but more elaborate. On this platform, Scannable is the tool specialized in scanning.

So if you need a scanner, Scannable can do the job. If you link it with Evernote, you will have a tool capable of better interpreting and contextualizing the scanned information.

I hope I have helped you with this article, let me know if you have any problems when scanning.

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