How to write to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, and get him to reply

Many times it is difficult for the CEO of a company to respond to you, but there is always a trick so that your message attracts more attention than the rest. Keep in mind that Cook receives thousands of emails from all over the world, so it is quite difficult for everyone to receive an answer.

As we have said before, for you to have more options for Tim Cook to respond to you, you are going to have to stand out above the rest. You have several ways to try to contact him: by mail, by phone or by letter. If you write him an email, appreciate that he is not the one who reads them first, but rather it is his team who filters those that reach the director of the Cupertino company. By telephone it is much more difficult for him to answer, since although the telephone where he usually works is public, it is not the most usual thing for him to answer just anyone. The third option is to send a letter. This draws much more attention since today traditional mail is hardly used.

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Do this if you want me to reply

To send an email, the first thing is to have an address to which you can go. In Cook’s case, this address is public (, and although Tim Cook spends an hour every morning reading customer emails, he has a full-time assistant who reads his emails when he’s not there. has time. To get attention, a strong subject line that suggests you have a problem with an Apple product can be a good start. Another trick is to write an email that requires Cook’s personal attention. Cook’s assistant only transmits emails that require your direct attention. If not, they email the most relevant person within Apple who can address the issue. Some topics that may come to Cook’s attention are product suggestions, complaints, and business inquiries or ideas. Personal responses are not guaranteed, but as a CEO, these are topics that would interest you.

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to finish, End the letter with a courtesy closing and your contact information. The most common options for a formal farewell are “Thank you for taking the time to read my email” or “Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.” This shows that you respect Tim’s time. Then close with his full name and contact information.

If you want to have more options for me to answer you, send a letter to Apple’s corporate address. In some cases, a letter is more likely to be paid attention to than an email because emails are so much more common. Apple’s mailing address is: One Apple Park Way, Cupertino, CA 95014. For the letter, follow the same rules as for email: be concise, brief, and polite.

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