I no longer go out for lunch or dinner without looking at these websites

The advantages that we can obtain in these moments thanks to Internet services and platforms are innumerable. Even before going out to dinner or eating out, we can choose more safely just by taking a look at these websites.

Not only the platforms of certain web developers propose us with their projects, but also the opinions of the rest of netizens They will also help us in this case. We can find evaluations about all kinds of services and products that we are going to come across in our day to day. We tend to look at reviews whenever we are going to buy something in order to see first-hand the experience of other Internet users.

Well, this is something that for some time now has been extended to restaurants that we can visit anywhere. And it is that for this we have a series of web pages that are becoming more and more popular to read the opinions of others. In this way we can know, in a matter of seconds, the favorable and unfavorable points of any catering establishment before entering. Based on the fact that everything related to cooking is becoming more widespread, these restaurant opinion websites do not stop growing.

It is for all these reasons that we are going to show you some of the most well-known portals of this type below. go out for lunch or dinner without risking. This will allow us to know which are the least recommended places in our area, and those that are worth visiting.


Perhaps here we find ourselves before the most well-known and used website with these characteristics at a global level. One of the main reasons for all this is that it has a huge number of catering establishments around the world. In addition, and how could it be otherwise, users have the possibility of publish our opinions of the place, rate it and even upload photos. In this way, potential future clients will be able to take a look at all these evaluations to make an informed decision.

We also have the possibility to search for restaurants depending on the type of food they serve.

Search restaurants

Although with a more functional than spectacular design, this is another website that will help us when choosing the best restaurant in the area. Here we have a good number of stores hostelry where the first thing we do is choose our province. At the same time we also have a series of filters that we can customize in order to find the site that interests us the most and consult the notes and opinions of previous visitors.

The Fork

Formerly known as The Fork, this is another website and very useful to know the evaluations of others before go to eat or have dinner Here we find a very intuitive and attractive user interface to locate the best places to go out to eat. In addition, from here we have the possibility of making reservations on the sites that appear or establishing a series of filters to search for what interests us more quickly.

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