IBM opens a multizone cloud region in Madrid

IBM has launched a new multizone cloud region for Europe in the Community of Madrid. The region is made up of three data centers located in and around the capital. Specifically, one of them will be in the city, another in Alcobendas and the third in Las Rozas, as confirmed by the company. It is completely powered by renewable energy.

This new multi-zone region will serve to host the loads and information of more than 600 IBM clients in Europe in the cloud. Among them are several Spanish companies and entities that operate in sectors with strong regulation, such as financial services. Thus, among its clients will be CaixaBank or Rural Computer Services. (RSI). In fact, when IBM announced its plans to open this region, which it did in September 2021, CaixaBank was the first of its clients to ensure that it would use this region that it has just opened.

The IBM multi-zone region in Madrid is the third that the company has opened in EU territory, after those it already has operations in Paris and Frankfurt. Each of the three data centers that make up the Madrid area corresponds to an individual availability zone. In total, IBM operates 46 data centers in nine regions and 27 availability zones.

IBM thus joins the technology companies that launched cloud regions in Spain in 2022. Google and Oracle did so in Madrid, while AWS did so in Aragon. In 2023 Oracle opened a second region in Madrid, within the framework of its sovereign cloud program. Microsoft has also recently announced moves in its cloud region in Madrid, and has already confirmed that it will expand it in the coming months.

Horacio Morell, President of IBM Spain, Portugal, Greece and Israelhas pointed out that “In the era of AI and hybrid cloud, companies have to be able to create solutions and services that respond to customer demands under an umbrella of frictionless innovation, with the highest security standards and adapting to a changing regulatory framework. . With the opening of our Multizone Cloud Region, IBM is accelerating the digital transformation of Spanish and European companies, offering advanced hybrid cloud capabilities. Innovation is part of our DNA at IBM, and we are committed to continue promoting innovation in companies and positioning Spain as a leader on the digital scene in Europe”.

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