Intel officially shows its Arc Limited Edition graphics cards and finally dates its arrival

Presented several months ago Intel Arc graphics They have been marked by constant delays that even sowed uncertainty about whether or not these dedicated GPUs would finally see the light at some point. However, it looks like the wait is finally coming to an end, with the company having first shown these components live at its latest Intel Extreme Masters event, along with the surprise announcement of the upcoming arrival of an Intel Arc Limited Edition.

In fact, beyond the only promotional photo shared by the company, thanks to the photos shared by some of those attending the event, such as the Twitter user Bryce_GfxDriverGuruwe can throw a little preliminary look at both the front and back of this new graphics cardshowing for the first time the axial fans of the same.

In the absence of official details, everything points to these being the fastest and best packed Arc chips, with this dual-fan model rumored to be based on the Alchemist ACM-G10 GPU with a full 32 Xe-Core configuration. Debate is ongoing as to whether it’s the Arc A770 or the rumored Arc A780 model, but all rumors agree that it’s a 16GB GDDR6 configuration, pointing to the fact that it’s powered by 8-pin connectors.

So, although without a doubt being able to see these graphics cards live is a great novelty, we must not ignore the new promotional image shared by Intel (used as the header of this article) in which an official date has finally been set for the release of these charts, which they will arrive imminently sometime this summer.

And it is that in addition to having shown us a finished product, Intel cannot delay the launch of its dedicated graphics for long, since currently both NVIDIA and AMD are prepared to present their new generations of GPUs with the GeForce RTX 40 and the Radeon RX 7000 .

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