Interest-free financing at Apple would boost Mac sales

Surely there are many users who finance their purchases at Apple with the promotion of purchases without interest, in this case the Apple website offers users a financing option that in our country It has no cost for any of the iPhone 13 models but it does for the rest of the equipment, among which are obviously the Macs.

This financing at zero cost to the client is available some months of the year for all products and several studies reveal that purchases financed in electronics have grown in recent years both at Apple and other online stores.

Some countries are just starting to implement these services

Purchases financed in electronics are not available in all countries but it is true that There are fewer and fewer places where this type of transaction cannot be carried out. Logically, companies like Apple have contracted this type of service with external “banks” or companies dedicated to financing and it is logical that they want to take part of the financing.

These prices or costs vary in all cases. There are companies or banks of all kinds and the interest paid for the products varies depending on the country and the company or bank that lends us the money. In this sense, it must be made clear that financing a product today in purchases makes us pay more for the product but not everyone has the slightly more than 2000 euros that a 14-inch MacBook Pro costs for their purchase. That is why this type of financing may or may not be interesting, depending on each case.

Today the sale of MacBook Pro and the rest of the products in the Mac range has good figures, but we are sure that if Apple implemented the option of purchase without interest in these new equipment as it does with the new iPhone each time they go on the market it would increase sales considerably.

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