Is a program no longer receiving updates? This is what you should do

In addition to the operating system as such, in our computer We tend to install and use a multitude of programs that are useful to us. These belong to all kinds of environments and modes of use, be they browsers, photo editors, multimedia players, antivirus, etc. But in addition to the importance of applications as such, we must also take their updates into account.

The operating system itself Microsoft, as well as in other proposals such as the distributions of Linux, a series of applications are pre-installed. But with everything and with it, most of the users usually install the ones we prefer by downloading them from the official stores or from their websites. Depending on the type of work that we are going to do with our computer, we download some titles or others.

We have already commented on many occasions that the most advisable thing in these cases is to download these software solutions from their official websites. This provides us with the security of obtaining the most recent and free version of the hidden code. With everything and with it these titles that we talk about from time to time have to be renewed in some way. Either to correct bugs, add new functions, install security patches, etc. This is something that the developers of these achieve through the updates that they send us almost constantly.

This allows us to work for years with a fully functional and safe program without any problem for our computer. But surely on more than one occasion we have found that one of this application is that we have been using for a long time, suddenly it stops receive updates. Although we do not worry about it at first, in the long term this can become a serious problem. Therefore, we are going to talk about some solutions or measures that you should take to avoid these problems.

Find alternatives that receive updates

If we normally take special care in everything related to the security When working on our computers, the best solution here is to change the application. The vast majority of current programs have a wide variety of similar alternatives that we can choose from.

Therefore, if we are forced to get rid of a title that does not receive updates, we can look for a similar proposal that adapts to what we need. Obviously we have to opt for some other similar program that of course continues to have support from its developers.

Prevent the program from connecting to the internet

When we are working with a certain application that has not been officially updated for a long time, it may be exposed to the most recent ones vulnerabilities. Generally, these security flaws can affect us negatively through the internet. In fact, this is where the attacks come to us in most cases. If we are obliged to continue working with a certain outdated title, as far as possible we should try not to work with online functions.

With this, what we want to say is that we limit its use to local modes of use, whatever its function.

Contact the developer

It may be the case that this program that we use every day has been abandoned by its developers, for whatever reason. But this is not always the case, so on certain occasions it will be helpful for us to contact them. Sometimes they will be able to solve the doubts that we have about these updates. And it is that before taking more drastic measures it may be the case that the creators of the draft have taken a break or are preparing some future update.

developer feedback

That way we will already know that this is not a totally abandoned project, we can even receive some useful tips for using that application.

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