Is Google returning to the foldable Pixel?

One of the alleged Google projects that have given the most to talk about in recent times is that of the Folding Pixel, also sometimes identified as Pixel Notepad. Last year we told you about it, first when the rumors began to circulate, then when, even in the absence of the first, there was already talk of a second folding Pixel and, to end the year, with what pointed to be the cancellation of the project.

And that’s how things were until the latest Google Camera update, Google’s camera app. An update that, in principle, only updates its interface to adapt it to Material You, but that hides a secret that could indicate that the search engine company has not given up, and that it would continue working on the project of its own folding smartphone.

And it is that, as they have found out in 9to5Google, Google Pixel 8.6 includes a new mode codenamed “Jupiter”. On devices where it is available, Jupiter will be accessible via a button to the left of the Switch Camera button. And what is so interesting about this new function introduced by Google in its app? Your icon:

And what does that icon tell us? Well, at first glance, the most obvious reading is that we are talking about a function designed to any device with a form factor similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Foldwhich would confirm the theories that defined this folding Pixel as Pixel Notepad.

Everything points to this year is going to be important in terms of folding smartphones. In a few days the official presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 will take place, as well as the review of the expected Moto Razr, and the sales numbers of this type of device have only increased in recent times.

Although there are still many manufacturers to make this leap, many signs point to the fact that between 2022 and 2023 we will see how more companies join this trend and, in this way, if the demand for them continues to grow as it has up to now. At the time, it was leaked that Apple would be waiting to see if there is a real demand, although later rumors suggest that Cupertino is working on it, and therefore the first folding iPhone could see the light in 2023. Thus, the fact that Google has decided to go ahead would be one more sign of the potential of this new market.

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