Juan Roig’s investment company invests in startups, Timpers and Fixme Connect

The investment company of Juan Roig belonging to Marina de Empresas, Angels, has added two new investees to its portfolio: 150,000 euros for Timpers, a startup that sells online shoes designed by blind people and Fixme Connect, a platform that allows micro-businesses to services to be digitized, where he has led an investment round of one million euros, together with other international investors.

Fixme Connect, powered by Lanzadera, allows small businesses to digitize through a tool with which they can record, control and analyze the information of all their customers and sales. Born in 2018 as a marketplace, the company pivoted in March 2021 to become a SaaS. In six months it has reached 200 clients and plans to reach 500 by the end of the year.

After the investment round, the objective of the startup is to offer a comprehensive product for the control, registration and analysis of the business of any type of company, regardless of its size. Its advantage over the competition is that it can be started without technical knowledge, which allows users to make use of it independently.

The entrance of Angels is a privilege and a great recognition for our entire team. It is a key strategic partner from which we are already learning a lot and which is decisive for the future path of our company. To continue growing we need to surround ourselves with the best “says Maria Luke, CEO of Fixme Connect.

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Timpers, with the entire staff made up of people with disabilities

For its part, Timpers is an Alicante company dedicated to the online marketing of sneakers, which are designed by blind people through touch. What’s more, 100% of its staff has some kind of disability, which also gives them the status of a Special Employment Center.

The company was formed in mid-2018 and, in May 2019, when they were not yet selling, it was selected by Lanzadera. That same year it managed to bill 60,000 euros, a figure that multiplied by four in 2020, reaching 240,000 euros. For this exercise, estimates to exceed 500,000 euros in turnover, after achieving milestones such as dressing the Spanish Paralympic Team in the recent Tokyo Games.

We want to make Timpers a brand recognized for the quality of its shoes and for the values ​​and philosophy that surround the brand. Thanks to this support, we will increase the team and improve the product. Angels has seen us grow since the project was just an idea, and we are sure that it is the ideal partner to take the next step “, highlights Roberto Mohedano, CEO of Timpers.

Fixme Connect and Timpers are two large companies that are innovating in their respective sectors thanks to the leadership of María and Roberto. From Angels we will continue investing in companies of this type: interested in developing innovative solutions that satisfy the needs of their clients ”, says Pepe Peris, Angels CEO.

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