The ICT sector offered in 2021 the best salaries, on average, in Spain

When choosing what training to follow to get a job in the future, whether it is a degree or master’s degree, or professional training studies, there is no doubt that the vocation has a lot of weight. But they also have to know what job opportunities there are in it and, among other things, what average salaries are paid by companies that are looking for professionals in the sector in question, something that we know thanks to studies such as the Infojobs-Esade 2021 report on the State of the Labor Market in Spain, elaborated from the tracking of all the job vacancies published in Infojobs during the past year. Of these, they took into consideration those that were in high demand and few registered in relation to vacancies, as well as higher salaries.

The computer and telecommunications sector stands out in relation to the rest due to its low level of competition. The level of registrations for each vacancy in the ICT sector performs better than the rest, and the salaries offered for ICT positions are higher than in other sectors.

The causes for this can be multiple, ranging from the current shortage of talent to the accelerated digital transformation caused by the pandemic in many companies. In the hardest period of the pandemic, in 2020, job offers fell, but offers for professionals in the ICT sector did not experience such a sharp drop. Even in certain areas, the offers increased, due to the needs of companies to move their way of working remotely and much of their operations to the cloud.

From their conclusions we can deduce that the ICT sector is one of the most attractive for those who are looking to train for the future as well as for those who want to take a new direction in their career. A) Yes, the average salary for IT positions was 31,898 euros per year. It is followed by Administration, with an average of 29,834 euros per year, and engineering, with 29,391. Finance, in sixth position and which in some cases may be related to the ICT sector, has an average salary offered of 27,901 euros per year.

However, the sector that offers the most positions is Commercial and sales, with positions such as teleoperator, salesperson and commercial representative at the head of the offers, facing a year in which the commercial teams are going to play a very prominent role. to start the growth of business activity. Among the others, the growing weight that is gaining in Purchasing, logistics and warehouse deserves special mention, a rise caused in many cases by the ICT sector, thanks to the takeoff of purchases through the Internet. Hence the growth in job offers for deliveries and drivers, but also for warehouse porters, in the last year.

Among the 10 most demanded positions in 2021, one directly related to the ICT sector has been cast: Software developer, in seventh place. Despite being a little further back in the classification, the average salary offered for this position is the highest of the top 10 most in-demand, and is even above the average for the ICT sector: €33,558. the of software analystalready in 18th place, has an even higher average salary: €35,248. And in 20th place, ICT Consultantstill with more average salary offered: €36,733.

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