Konami fires Griezmann over accusations of racism in an old video

A very bad joke

While the operators kept an eye on the television and the console, Dembelé was recording a video of the moment with his phone, and at the same time began to make some comments in French. None of this would be news if it weren’t for the fact that those comments were of the “all these ugly faces just so you can play PES, aren’t you ashamed?”, Plus some teasing around the Japanese language. In the video, Griezmann answers with a smiling face, although the audio does not allow his words to be appreciated exactly, so it is not known for sure what his response to his partner’s words is.

The video, which has reappeared 2 years later since its publication, has raised a wave of controversy around the two players, since the behavior of both is absolutely reprehensible. Because of this, Konami (a Japanese company) has not hesitated to cut their losses, and has canceled all the advertising agreements that until now made Griezmann an ambassador of Yu-Gi-Oh! Content, in addition to requesting Barcelona to clarify the matter and rule on the matter as a member club that is within the sFootball PES franchise.

It is not the only company that has asked for explanations

The video of the two French players has also forced Rakuten to report what happened, asking FC Barcelona for an explanation of what happened. Let’s remember that Rakuten is also a fairly important partner in the club, and taking into account that the team is not having a good economic moment, these calls for attention that endanger certain contracts are not the best the club could hope for at this time.

Apologies posted

Griezmann has not been slow to reply on his social networks, and has immediately condemned this type of behavior, apologizing for having offended Japanese fans and rejecting all kinds of accusations that classified him as racist. Barcelona for its part has apologized for the bad attitude of its players and has ensured that these types of scenes that do not reflect the philosophy of the club will not be repeated.

Will Barcelona stop being in PES?

The magnitude of this event should not reach more. In the end, two companies as big as Konami and FC Barcelona are obliged to understand each other for mutual interests, so everything that can happen will fall directly on the players. So yes, Barcelona will continue to be one of the exclusive teams in eFootball PES unless the football landscape changes a lot.

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