LibreOffice Math functions you should know for your formulas

On many occasions when we talk about programs focused on the office automation sector, the first thing that comes to mind is a text editor. Something similar happens with programs focused on creating multimedia presentations, for example. Nevertheless, suites like Office or LibreOffice they go far beyond these types of use.

The first of the cases mentioned refers to the proposal that the giant Microsoft has offered us for many years. With all this, we find a serious opponent in this open source case called LibreOffice. This free suite continues to improve in order to cope with the Redmond proposal and is made up of a series of interesting applications.

How could it be otherwise here we find a text editor, a spreadsheet program, or another to create presentations. However, along these same lines we want to focus on Math, an editor of mathematical formulas that can serve as a complement to the rest of the integrated solutions. In this way we will have mathematical and scientific formulas with a perfect format that we can use in the rest of the commented programs.

How could it be otherwise? Math allows us to use a multitude of common objects in this type of mathematical formulas. This includes exponents and indices, fractions, matrices, equations, integrals, and so on. in turn, the application itself offers us a series of characteristics that will help us when designing these objects. We must also take into consideration that it tries to adapt to both novice and advanced users.

Get more out of LibreOffice Math with these features

The first section that we should take into consideration when making the most of this program is the operation panel. By default it is located on the left side of the main interface of the application. In addition, it has a useful drop-down list at the top that will allow us to locate the elements that will be part of our formulas more quickly. The selection will depend on the type of content that we are going to generate here. In this way we can choose between Operations, Features, Parenthesis, Formats, etc.

libreoffice math

At the same time we must take into consideration that, despite being mathematical formulas, depending on the use that we are going to make of them, we can change your look. By this we mean that as with the usual texts, here we can modify parameters such as the source, its size, or alignment. We can achieve all this from the Format menu of the main interface. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that sometimes we will need to use more special symbols for this type of content.

Therefore, in order not to have to import them from another program, we will only have to go to the Tools / Symbols menu. In addition, and in order to speed up our work, we have the possibility of importing objects of this type from other programs or sources. In this way we will not have to start the project from scratch by adding formulas already created. This is something that we achieve from the Tools / Import Formula menu.

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