Logitech gives color to its new Studio series POP peripherals

Varying a bit from the black tones of gaming peripherals, Logitech today unveiled its new Studio Series POP range, made up of a mechanical keyboard, a mouse and a mat with a colorful and cheerful character to brighten up our work routine.

Starting in the same order that we have mentioned them, the Logitech POP Keys comes as a modernized retro style TKL compact size mechanical keyboard, with mechanical switches and rounded keys reminiscent of typewriters. Of course, without giving up current improvements such as up to 12 shortcuts and additional functions (with different combinations for the FN key) to capture the screen, mute the microphone and commands to facilitate the most common day-to-day actions.

Although more curious is undoubtedly its small column of keys decorated with different emojis, located on the right side. Interchangeable and customizable, although these keys are linked to the emoticons themselves by default, this does not mean that they necessarily have to be, but rather we can easily customize them through the Logitech Options software, being able to assign other shortcuts for the keyboard.

In fact, the Logitech POP Mouse also has an additional button at the top center, below the scroll wheel, with which we can open the full emoji menu to access any icon and communicate more quickly. A function that we can once again customize through the software.

But this is not the only relevant feature of this device. With a beautiful and compact design, this mouse It is characterized by its great portability and functionality.

And it is that designed to work anywhere and under maximum productivity, the POP Mouse equips a SmartWheel scroll wheel automatically switches from high-precision mode to fast-scroll mode. In addition, its smooth body fits perfectly in the palm of your hand to help you work better, which added to the features of Logitech Options and Logitech Flow software, a software feature that allows you to easily copy and paste text, files, and images between multiple different computers with a flick of the wrist.

Both POP products allow for multi-device connectivity, connecting to up to three devices at once via Bluetooth or the Logi Bolt wireless receiver. compatible with Windows, macOS, iPadOS, Chrome OS and Linux.

Last but not least, along with this collection has also been presented the new Logitech Desk Mat, with an XL size and vibrant colors that will combine perfectly with the new tones of these peripherals, as well as its family of G335 headphones.

Availability and price

Both products will be available in Spain in the coming days, through the Logitech website and other online distributors, with a sale price of €99.99 for POP Keys keyboard, €39.99 for the POP Mouse, and €19.99 for the Logitech Desk Mat.

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