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Sometimes this component is the great forgotten, however, the importance of the mouse on our computer we only notice it when it starts to fail. Choosing a good device with these characteristics is more important than we think, so now we show you a series of offers that can help you improve it.

As with the monitor or the keyboard, there are certain components that are part of our computer in which we should invest a little more of our budget. The main reason for all this is that they are components that we use almost constantly, so having a certain quality and features in them is important. Depending on the type of use that we are going to make of the PC, we can opt for some models or others.

Next, we are going to show you a series of lowered mice in these moments that surely interest you. To begin with, we will talk about a simple model from the prestigious Razer brand but which offers us enormous precision and ergonomics. Specifically, it is the Razer DeathAdder Essential which, yes, works by cable.

mini white razer

But if you are looking for a more advanced one specially designed to fully enjoy your games, this is the choice. We are talking about the Razer Viper Ultimate reduced by more than 50 euros right now. It offers us 8 programmable buttons and a precision of 20,000 dpi. In addition, it works wirelessly and has a Razer Focus + optical sensor. Without a doubt, this is one of the great references if what we are looking for is a device like this to get the most out of our games on the PC.

miniature razer

Mice on sale so you can choose

It may also happen that we are looking for a device with these characteristics of small dimensions to always carry with us. We usually use these together with our laptop if we travel a lot or have to move for work reasons. Specifically, we refer to NGS Fog Black that offers us a 1000 dpi optical sensor, although its main characteristic is the design, together with its low price. Now you can get it with a 40% discount.

Another very useful mouse in these circumstances and that we can always carry with us is the Logitech M705 Marathon. This is a mouse that offers us a design and behavior worthy of the brand, also at a price that is more than affordable at the moment.

logitech mini mouse

There is no doubt that Logitech is one of the most representative brands in this hardware sector. Therefore, if you have confidence in it and seek a wireless gaming mousePerhaps the Logitech G502 HERO, now reduced by 52%, will be a perfect choice for you.

On certain occasions the best solution is to purchase a set consisting of a mouse and keyboard. This solves both components that we already told you are extremely important in your day to day with the PC. Therefore, you can also take advantage of this offer that we are mentioning now corresponding to this interesting set. We are talking about the Logitech MK470 Combo made up of a wireless keyboard and mousethe first with disposition QWERTY.

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