Microsoft pays Activision, SFR increases its prices, this is the recap

Microsoft buys Blizzard Activision, SFR increases one of its Internet subscriptions, the PS5 is available in France on the Sony site, this is the recap.

The day of January 18, 2022 will have been marked with a white stone. If Sony made part of the news by offering some of its subscribers to acquire a PS5 directly, it was above all Microsoft who stood out by buying the publisher Activision. We have not finished talking about it, because the consequences of this takeover are enormous. And during this time, SFR is quietly increasing its Internet subscription by €3. If subscribers benefit from unlimited calls to mobiles everywhere in Europe, are they really winners? Come on, let’s go for the recap of the day before!

Microsoft buys Activision, one of the biggest video game publishers in the world

Thunderbolt in the world of video games: Microsoft has just acquired Activision Blizzard. The publisher so far holds licenses like Call Of Duty, Warcraft, Diablo, Diablo, Overwatch, to name a few. They therefore pass under the Microsoft flag, which also grabs the Candy Crush license in passing. A real earthquake, Microsoft asserting its authority in the world of video games and leaving little chance for “small” competitors… But a takeover that could also benefit Game Pass subscribers, who should be enriched with flagship titles at lesser costs (unless the Game Pass increases in the next few weeks?).

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SFR increases its Internet subscription by €3

It is now common practice: operators have the unfortunate tendency to increase their prices under cover of a small bonus, a new essential option… Which subscribers have nothing to do with, most of the time. This time, it is SFR Box subscribers who are surprised to receive a letter mentioning an increase of 3 euros on their monthly bill. In exchange, they can make unlimited calls in Europe from their Box.

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The PS5 can be ordered directly from Sony’s website

To thwart scalpers who buy PS5s and resell them for gold, Sony has decided to put its console up for sale on its website. Farewell to soaring prices on the parallel market? Don’t declare victory too quickly, because there is a draw, and supply concerns remain. But it is already a first step to counter the practice of console scalping.

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