Miele designs a plan for the opening of self-service laundries in towns

Bloomest, self-service laundries under the quality of Miele, has designed a plan for those who want open a store in towns of up to 20,000 inhabitants. And it is that opening a business in a small town has its pros and cons and Bloomest tries to adapt to the way of doing these municipalities by designing a specific plan for them. The brand makes its proposal more flexible in these municipalities with fewer inhabitants in order to offer advantageous conditions to open a new store.

This new plan puts the focus on the communities of Castile and Leon and Castile La Mancha, where there are already three stores, one in Cuéllar (Segovia), another in Campo Criptana (Ciudad Real) and finally in Medina del Campo. Under this new plan, Bloomest plans to open at the end of the month in Guadalajara. For example, these stores tend to have lower prices, the work is cheaper compared to a large city, so the store installation is adjusted to local rates and all the content of the store, which is from Miele, is adapted to this reality. In addition, many of the facilities offered by the brand to the entrepreneur, with the use of new technology, can now be done online and thus costs are reduced.

José Maria Lara, Commercial Area of ​​Bloomest Spain, explains the advantages: “in many cases they can be the pioneers in the locality, so they will have an excellent reception by making available services more typical, until now, of medium and large cities. The price of the premises is very affordable in general and represents a magnificent opportunity for small businessmen/traders to be able to diversify”.

For his part, Enrique Miguel Velasco, manager of the self-service laundry in Cuéllar comments “we are the only ones in the town that offer this service, it is a business which is increasingly in demand and the advantage of being in a population of 10,000 inhabitants is that you have more proximity in dealing with the client”.

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