MIUI 13 soon available in Europe, bug on Android Auto, this is the recap of the week

The PS5 is finally available on the Sony site in France, Xiaomi should soon launch MIUI 13 in Europe, a bug on Android Auto makes Google Maps disappear, this is the recap ‘of the week.

This week, the lucky ones among you were able to get a PS5 directly from Sony’s official website. Android Auto users had less cause for celebration, with a particularly annoying bug appearing in the app causing Google Maps to disappear from their vehicle for no reason. While SFR is once again trying to increase its fixed Internet offer by 3 euros, the crypto collective Spice DAO is spending 2.6 million euros to obtain one of the rare copies of Jadorowsky’s Dune. Finally, let’s take a look at the MIUI 13 update which should be launching soon in Europe.

Get the PS5 directly from Sony’s website

France is now one of the eligible countries allowing customers to order a PS5 directly from the official PlayStation Direct website. If you want to try to get the next-gen console, you just have to go to the registration page with your PlayStation Network ID and your email address. If you’re lucky, you can then be raffled off by Sony. Please note that stocks are still very limited, so you may need to be patient before you can order your copy.

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MIUI 13 update coming soon in Europe

In a post shared on Twitter, Xiaomi announced that MIUI 13 is expected to launch in Europe soon. The update, which should greatly improve the user experience thanks to better fluidity and more speed, should indeed be deployed on several compatible smartphones in Europe. Xiaomi could take advantage of its conference on January 26 to officially announce which devices will benefit from the new overlay.

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2.6 million euros spent to obtain a copy of Jodorowsky’s Dune

Even if Alejandro Jodorowsky was never able to adapt Dune to the cinema, the director wrote a book in which we can discover his notes and the concept art planned for the film. The crypto collective Spice Dao has just announced on Twitter that it has bought the work for 2.66 million euros, convinced of having made a good deal and ready to embark on major projects. Unfortunately for buyers, buying the book from them does not grant them the copyright, and the copy won at auction is not a unique object.

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New price increase at SFR

SFR’s fixed Internet customers have again received a letter warning them of a price increase of 3 euros per month. The operator justifies the increase with the usual speech “ your uses and needs evolve… » and the subscription is automatic again. For an additional 3 euros, subscribers can now call mobiles in Europe from their SFR Box. If you are not interested, you can counter this forced sale by refusing the offer before May 31, 2022.

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A bug on Android Auto makes Google Maps disappear

Many testimonials have revealed a particularly annoying bug on the Android Auto application in recent days. The latest Android Auto 7.2 update has indeed caused the disappearance of Google Maps in the vehicles of many users. Google has not yet developed a patch but is trying to understand where this failure comes from. In the meantime, do not hesitate to turn to Waze.

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