Mobile phone plan. 100 GB for 3.70 €, you’ve never seen better 🔥

Do you want to take advantage of the transition to the year 2022 to change your mobile plan? With this exceptional offer, your subscription costs less than 4 euros per month, we explain how to be entitled to it.

The change of year is a good time to change mobile plan and operators know it. The public takes advantage of the start of the school year to make good resolutions, including that of saving on fixed monthly expenditure items such as telephone subscriptions. With the flash offer put forward by RED by SFR, you already have the best formula of the year 2022.

Indeed, RED by SFR unveils a new edition of its RED Deal this week: it’s a special operation that combines an advantageous mobile plan and a free smartphone. By doing the math, you will see that the 100 GB subscription drops to just 3.70 euros per month. However, consider taking action before the event’s end date, as it may end sooner if the phone goes out of stock.

I take advantage of the offer

As part of the RED Deal, the 100 GB mobile plan that is in the spotlight comes with a two-year commitment – which is not the case with other offers at RED by SFR. This remains negligible, because the offer falls to 3.70 euros per month over the same period, which means that you are necessarily a winner. The operator guarantees this same price for the entire duration, which prevents you from suffering a price increase by surprise.

How to choose this 100 GB plan?

On the occasion of this new edition of the RED Deal, RED by SFR is highlighting the 100 GB mobile plan and a free refurbished iPhone 8. This smartphone costs 0 euros instead of 269 euros when you take the formula with the 2-year commitment. It is by subtracting the price of the smartphone that you get your subscription for less than 4 euros per month, we explain.

In detail, the 100 GB mobile plan included with the RED Deal is 15 euros per month for all unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, 100 GB of Internet in France and 13 GB in the EU and overseas departments. If its price is already attractive for this volume of mobile data, you can do even better.

The calculation is simple, this mobile plan costs 360 euros over two years, a price which must be subtracted from the price of this iPhone 8 which is 269 euros. To do this, you just have to resell the refurbished smartphone after receiving it. ATu final, this represents a sum of 91 euros only for two years, that is to say … 3.70 euros per month (360 euros less 269 euros). By reselling the phone, your plan costs you almost nothing without neglecting its quality – including the large number of GB of Internet.

iPhone 8 RED
© RED by SFR

The affected iPhone 8 is a “very good condition” refurbished model. It presents itself as an excellent model at an attractive price, it combines good technical qualities with Apple reliability as well as a physical button to manage navigation between interfaces. In short, you will have no problem reselling it easily and taking advantage of your mobile plan at an ultra-reduced price.

How to change mobile plan at RED?

Changing mobile plan for an offer at RED by SFR is very simple, it is logically the case with the 100 GB formula included in the RED Deal of this week. The entire procedure is carried out directly online on the operator’s site, so that you will not need to devote more than ten minutes to this process to be peaceful for all the years to come.

In addition, RED by SFR offers you the possibility of keeping the same phone number when you take a mobile plan from it. To do this, simply call 3179 to find out and then enter your RIO code in the box dedicated to this, the formality is completely free. Otherwise, you can always decide to get a new phone number rather than keep the old one.

When you take this mobile plan from RED by SFR, you must also pay the sum of one euro, this is the price of your new SIM card. You receive the latter and the iPhone 8 in a few days after your order, the new operator takes care of everything during the entire period you are a customer with him, assistance is carried out directly online if necessary.

The RED Deal is RED by SFR’s best deal this week. If the operator offers other offers without commitment of duration, this mobile plan is the only one which falls at such a low price thanks to the free reception of your iPhone 8. No doubt that it will be taken by storm by all those who want a new mobile formula or a new smartphone.

Remember to act quickly to be entitled to it at the beginning of the year 2022, this opportunity will not happen again anytime soon. During previous RED Deals, RED by SFR had fallen short of smartphones even before the official end of the operation. Here, the Apple smartphone is an excellent choice (especially since it is in very good condition), so you are entitled to a final price for your mobile plan (3.70 euros) which is really extra.

To access the RED Deal now, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer

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