Mobile plan: 60 GB at €13.99 and 80 GB at €14.99 at Sosh

For a few more days, Sosh is offering two offers that are worth it. Thus, until March 21, 2022, the 60 GB mobile plan is at €13.99 and that of 80 GB at €14.99. In addition to being non-binding, they have the advantage of being unconditional, with a price that does not increase, even after the first year.

Only a few days left to take advantage of this good Sosh plan which allows you to subscribe to a cheap mobile plan, without commitment and with a price that does not increase after one year. The low-cost subsidiary of Orange offers network quality similar to that of the incumbent operator since it uses its antennas. For a lower price, you benefit from the quality of the Orange network.

Among the unmissable offers of the moment, there is the 60 GB package at €13.99 and 80 GB package at €14.99. These are two mobile plans without engagement, which has a lot of advantages. First of all, they both offer a large amount of internet that will cover all your needs. If you have to travel, you can also take advantage of an envelope usable from Europe: 12 GB usable from Europe and 10 GB in the 80 GB package.

Also included are classic unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from France and Europe. It takes 10 euros for the triple-cut SIM card compatible with all mobiles on the market. If you wish, you can also request portability of your current number by providing your RIO number to Sosh.

Finally, if this mobile plan does not convince you, you can always consult our selection of the best mobile plans under 5 euros, best mobile plans under 10 euros or our comparison of the best mobile plans according to your budget and your needs. And finally, if you are looking for speed, you may find what you are looking for in our article which brings together the best offers on 5G mobile plans.

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