Mobility insurance, what are they and what types are there?

The average citizen is exposed, throughout a day, to many risks that can endanger their integrity or that of their belongings, in addition to facing the possibility of harming third parties. The chances of suffering a fatality increase when vehicles are used to get around, not just the car. As a solution to this problem, resorting to an economic protection tool is an increasingly frequent decision, such as the one proposed by zurich klinc in your mobility insurance proposal. They are policies that cover the damages that, due to the use of one’s own means of transport, could be caused to other people or to oneself.

They are known as mobility insurance, which contemplates the use of one or two-wheeled vehicles that are not exclusively motorized. That is, electric bicycles are in this type of protection. also cover the use of electric scooters the possible economic, legal and assistance needs that could be caused by an accident. They are means of relatively recent use, especially those that are propelled with alternative energy sources to human effort. Its increasing use on the streets has increased incidents, such as crashes or falls. Those affected by these situations may be the drivers or third parties who are affected, even third-party vehicles could also suffer some damage as a result of negligence in the use of this type of vehicle.

Civil liability, legal services, personal and vehicle damage

The solution for a online mobility insurance and the powerful companies in the market, in which Zurich is presented as a reference, offer different proposals to reach all public profiles. The user can choose a simple model, which covers civil liability up to 150,000 euros and the legal defense of a lawyer. In this way, he has the peace of mind that he can financially respond to any problem caused to other people. In the year 2022, Spain registered 299 accidents with electric scooters, which left the sad balance of 12 deaths. In some cases, there are drivers who must take responsibility. For 20 euros per year, security is guaranteed.

A more protective option raises the annual cost by just over fifty percent (€35) and extends the coverage, with 300,000 euros dedicated to liability before third parties, the inclusion of expenses derived from personal accidents and roadside assistance. The medical attention that they might need in a situation of these characteristics is covered, in addition to roadside care, which consists of sending a tow truck or professionals to remove or fix the vehicle.

Anyone looking for total insurance can pay around 80 euros each year and add, to these services, coverage for damage that could be generated to the vehicle and theft. This means that if there is any damage to the scooter, bicycle or unicycle, its repair is covered. The insurance company also reimburses the money for the vehicle in case it is stolen.

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