Mujjo improves one more point its cases for the iPhone 13

For a long time we have been using and seeing Mujjo covers on I’m from Mac. One of the problems with these covers (if we can find any) was that at the bottom they did not come protecting the iPhone. By this we mean that the protection of Mujjo covers is excellent on a leather product and that they have excellent finishes, but at the bottom as you can see in the images of the same case but for an iPhone 11 Pro Max, they did not protect the bottom.

Mujjo certainly improves protection with these new cases for iPhone 13 and finally adds a total protection to the device, even in this lower part. Now Mujjo’s “Leather Wallet Cases” and “Leather cases” add this long-awaited protection by many users.

Mujjo offers quality in its covers

Mujjo iPhone 13 case

Personally I can say that Mujjo cases offer you that feeling of carrying the iPhone almost without a case, let me explain. There are cases on the market that convey a feeling of a large case to the device (which is already large) so when you grab the iPhone it seems huge. In this sense, all Mujjo covers offer a sensation of carrying the smartphone without a case and more in the latest models of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 due to its shape and design.

The quality of the covers is indisputable. It is not usual to find covers on the market that protect in such a subtle but effective way our iPhone, although it is true that it is not a case for those who have tougher jobs or in complicated environments.

Protection is not incompatible with good design

Mujjo iPhone 13 case

The inside of the covers is lined with a felt to protect the back of the device. Apple adds a very similar material on the back of the official cases that they sell in their stores, so this cannot mean anything else that we are facing a perfect material to protect the smartphone.

The best of all is that the design of these cases improved a lot in this version for the iPhone 13 and that is that they added the piece of case at the bottom of them. Yes, it may seem strange that we were so happy about this lower part of the covers but it was a important part to protect in iPhones and demanded by Mujjo customers for a long time.

The design of the covers and the quality of the materials with which they are manufactured remains excellent, in this they have not changed anything. The leather of the Mujjo covers is of high quality And as with other prestigious brands, Apple itself could sign them. Nothing has changed in this and we continue to enjoy the same quality in the new models as in the previous ones.

Editor’s opinion

Mujjo iPhone 13 case

Mujjo is the meaning of quality on all sides. You can find covers for iPhone, Mac and other devices of various brands but if you choose, you are sure that they will not disappoint you since both the finishes and the materials are excellent. Furthermore, at Mujjo they are not exclusively dedicated to iPhone cases, they also have cases for our Macs, touch gloves that we talked about a few months ago and other accessories.

Both the Mac and iPhone cases that we have been able to test are of high quality, even affordable with Apple’s official leather ones. The compartment to add the credit card, the driving license or the like is really interesting and it seems like a success, but the problem with this type of covers is that logically loses compatibility with MagSafe. This in my case is not a problem since I prefer to lose the MagSafe charge but to be able to carry a euro note in my pocket along with an identification card or similar. This is not the case in all cases, so if you do not want to lose the MagSafe we ​​recommend the other type of Mujjo case.

Leather Wallet Case Mujjo
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