Nanostine obtains round of financing valued at 300,000 euros, thanks to FI Group

The company Nanostine has managed to reach a round of financing valued at 300,000 euros, highlighting among all the participants the company FI Groupan organization that was founded by Frédéric Bouté and Xavier Cazabon, and that after a first investment in 2020, has repeated its participation and commitment to the startup.

Now with this capital increase of Nanostine, the CEO of the CSIC spin-off whose activity focuses on the research, manufacture and distribution of nanoparticles and nanostructured coatings with high added value, Daniel González, has indicated in this regard that “The company plans to expand the workforce and continue developing R&D and sales”.

The aforementioned investment by FI Group has been made through FI Nvest. The consultancy specialized in advising companies in the management of R+D+i financing has a quota of Binding Motivated Reports (IMV) issued of 36.2% in Spain and acceptance of 97.2% according to the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

In such financing Other entities have also participatedsuch as some Business Angels, and Nanostine’s industrial partner and strategic partner, B5tec, whose activity is focused on the development of products and technologies for energy storage.

Similarly, the FI Boost & FI Nvest Leader at FI Group, Miguel Carretero, has highlighted in his statements the importance of the collaboration of his company, and has added that “Our collaboration goes beyond providing capital; From FI Nvest we accompany companies in optimizing their financing roadmap, as well as in accessing the market, thanks to the network of more than 18,000 group clients”.

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Achieved more than 835,000 euros since 2020

The business relationship between Nanostine and FI Group is not current and dates back to the year 2020, when the consultancy has already promoted FI Nvest with an initial budget of 300,000 euros per year, and that it completed the first round of financing with Nanostine. FI Group, with its 20 years of experience in the sector, has a staff that is made up of more than 1,200 employees in the international arena.

Thereafter, between the years 2020 and 2021, the company dedicated to the research, manufacture and distribution of nanoparticles obtained a grant of 50,000 euroswhich came from the European Space Agency and the Madri+d Foundation of the Community of Madrid.

This agreement was at the beginning of its foundation and thanks to it they were able to develop coatings for radiofrequency devices on satellites. The company itself stated that “fIt was the results obtained that encouraged us to move forward”.

Similarly, the company was able to obtain a significant bulk of financing from various participations. Thus, it obtained financing of 50,000 euros after winning a pilot with Acciona I’mnovation, and thanks to this selection the company was able to carry out a pilot for the development of biosensors capable of detecting bacteria in water desalination plants. Another participation was 60,000 euros from the CAM Industrial Doctorate call.

But in this search for funds, he also obtained the sum of 325,000 euros through the Neotec project of the CDTI in the hands of FI Group, and that is because this group, which has offices throughout Spain and throughout the world, has already worked global level with more than 15,000 companies and annually is validating more than 200,000 projects. This funding enabled them to build industrial equipment for coating surfaces with nanoparticles and nanocolumns.

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