NetSuite adds automation to its tools to improve productivity

Net Suite, owned by Oracle for a few years now, has announced several innovations in its software tools at SuiteWorld 22, designed to improve automation and productivity in companies. Among the novelties there is a accounts payable automation solution, which increases the accuracy and speed with which invoices are processed and payments are executed. also another configuration, pricing and budgeting. The latter is designed to offer facilities in the sales process. A third novelty is a staff management tool to optimize time tracking and salary calculations. The fourth, one shipping utility to improve the efficiency of warehouse operations.

Apart from this, NetSuite has also added toautomation and analysis to various tools and functions of its products, which has improved various aspects of its financial, inventory, manufacturing and project management tools.

NetSuite AP Automation, CPQ and Ship Central

Two of the main innovations that NetSuite has presented are AP Automation Y CPQ. The first is a solution in charge of streamlining and facilitating the process of invoices and payments to suppliers from the NetSuite environment. The second is a solution designed for sales teams. With it, you can accurately price and bid on complex products without leaving the NetSuite environment.

Another novelty of NetSuite is ShipCentral, with which customers can streamline order-related operations, as well as eliminate manual processes and speed up delivery. Warehouse associates will be empowered with Ship Central with pack and ship capabilities from both kiosks and mobile devices.

SuitePeople Workforce Management and Analytics Warehouse

NetSuite Suite People Workforce Management is a human resource management solution created to help achieve a balance between labor costs and profitability. It is responsible for simplifying and automating routine tasks, such as shift scheduling. It also does it with the monitoring of the time that is worked and with the calculation of salaries. This tool also offers recommendations to optimize the scheduling of work shifts and other aspects of the workforce.

As to NetSuite Analytics Warehouse, in addition to having improvements that simplify data management and reduce the time it takes to obtain information, offers access to more third-party data integrations and industry content. It will also be available in more markets from now on, including Australia and the UK.

Other NetSuite news and improvements

In addition to the new features and tools mentioned, NetSuite has introduced others that affect different products. All are focused on automation and analytics, so organizations can improve efficiency by consolidating data, automating tasks, streamlining workflows, and simplifying the execution of discount and promotional programs. Such as intercompany clearing management functions, which record transactions between affiliated companies automatically. This simplifies the closing of the period.

On the other hand, NetSuite’s new data centers, based on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, help customers meet their location requirements and reduce latency. In the past year, NetSuite has opened 11 data centers in five cities: Amsterdam, Osaka, Newport, San Jose, and Tokyo.

NetSuite Warehouse Management System Y NetSuite Smart Count They allow you to improve inventory management by taking advantage of warehouse containers as they become empty. When this happens, each empty container automatically triggers an inventory count, and when the count is updated, the container is available again.

It has also improved the NetSuite Manufacturing mobile appwhich allows optimization of workflows and validation of work orders from any point, in addition to improving usability and reducing errors in data entry.

NetSuite Planning and Budgeting It now has new task management functions, with which customers have more visibility of processes, automation of tasks and automatic registration of the activities related to these. It also has an optimized version creator, with which scenario planning speeds up the capture of different budget situations, or forecasts. In this way various changes can be dealt with quickly.

On the other hand, the NetSuite platform has support for REST objects, which allows the integration of other systems. Visual Studio also has improvements in object management and project validation. Additionally, SuiteCloud developers can count on a Graal runtime environment, and the latest features in SuiteScript 2.1 of the ECMAScript language.

The company has also launched a new quality management function that allows unplanned punctual inspections, as well as others for the management of discounts and promotions for customers and suppliers, with which to automate their creation, execution, accumulation and reconciliation.

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