Never plug in these old gadgets or you’ll go bankrupt

What old appliances spend a lot of light

The old gadgets They can consume a very important part of your electricity bill. They can consume much more than the same equipment but more modern. On the one hand, there is deterioration, since over time they can stop working just as well and that makes them consume more. But there are also the advances in energy efficiency that the most modern have.


Without a doubt, the refrigerator is one of the appliances that consumes the most. It is something that is always on and therefore needs to maintain a constant temperature. But if we talk about old models, the difference in consumption can be really high if we compare it with the most current ones.

Therefore, never connect an old refrigerator. Do not think that because it cools little or because it is not very large, it will not consume excessively. Especially those who are over 20 years old, consumption can be excessive and it is not convenient to have them turned on at all. It is more profitable to buy a new one, since in a short time you will recover the investment.

air conditioners

Something similar happens with air conditioners. Those who are very old can reach consume much more than current. It doesn’t matter if you use it in summer to cool the house or if it’s winter and you just want to raise the room temperature a few degrees. Also, keep in mind that they may be deteriorated and that will require more resources to function.

Avoid using such devices. Even if you don’t have one that old but you need to change the air pump or repair it for some reason, think about it beforehand because for a little more you can buy a new one that is much more efficient and will surely cost you more due to energy savings.


You may also have some old stove at home and you are tempted to use it to heat your house in winter. Keep in mind that the consumption can be really excessive if it is very old. Also, it may not get as hot as a much newer model and may also be smaller.

You must take a good look at the model you have, the years and the consumption it may have. It is likely that if you buy a more modern stove you will end up saving money and not spend more than necessary on the electricity bill.

Washing machines

You may also have some old washing machine at home, in a garage or anywhere you think about using it. But as in the previous cases, this type of appliance consumes a lot and if it is an old model you may notice a significant increase in your electricity bill.

The most current models are much more efficient, they use eco programs and, ultimately, they will help save on the electricity bill while the old ones will consume much more.


Although it is not a device that consumes as much as the previous ones, the fact that it use it for a long time yes you can make it represent a significant part of the bill. Therefore, depending on the model you use, you can spend more or less money. Saving with this type of appliance is important.

Current LED screen televisions consume much less than the old ones. Especially if you have a very old model, from 20 years or more, you should not use it since it will consume a lot of light. Avoid it whenever possible. Do not think that because they have worse quality they will consume less.

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