New problems of iOS 15, now with the WiFi

The arrival of iOS 15 has meant the introduction of interesting improvements in FaceTime, the introduction of concentration modes or changes in Safari. However, it has also brought with it some problems that should have been resolved in subsequent updates. With iOS 15.2, launched just over a week ago, we have found new bugs with the WiFi connection.

Updating apps can be a torment

You have probably encountered problems updating apps on your iPhone these days. You are not alone, since a strange incident has been reported in a good handful of users for which it is faster to update via data than through the WiFi network. And yes, no matter how good and fast the connection is, this iOS problem can take a long time to update an app weighing a few MB.

It is not that it is a common fault for all users. In fact, it may not be present on all iPhones. At the moment we only have evidence of it happening in the iPhone 13, iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 (including all their series). However, this does not diminish the importance of the problem and more if we consider that this is not the only failure that has been reported in relation to the WiFi connection.

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Other faults detected with this connection

Since the first versions of iOS 15, various problems related to this connection have been reported, such as sporadic cuts of the connection or that when connecting to an already known WiFi network, the process takes several seconds, when the normal thing is that it is something almost instantaneous. Various specialized Apple forums and social networks give a good account of this.

Many have gone crazy calling their respective operators, resetting the router and making mental guesses about the reason for the failure of their connection. But we already anticipate that, in most cases, it is not a real connection problem but a bug present in the iPhone operating system that it has also come to manifest on iPadOS.

Solution in sight with iOS 15.2.1?

Apple currently only has iOS 15.3 in beta, with a public release expected in February or March. However, for a hypothetical iOS 15.2.1, a beta process would not be necessary, since it would be an intermediate update that would be released without prior notice in order to solve important security or performance problems such as those we have detailed.

Update iPhone software

Perhaps the fact that it is not a problem that is affecting users in a massive way gives Apple a greater margin. In any case, and knowing more about the reputation of the company in this sense of solving problems as quickly as possible, we should not rule out that this version would arrive with the WiFi problem fixed.

Until then, the only possible solution in this regard is to arm yourself with patience and, at a certain point where the downloads do not progress, resort to the mobile data connection. Of course, you must bear in mind that in the end the remedy could be worse than the disease, since if you do not have an unlimited data rate or enough GB, your rate could run out and you will be left with a low-speed connection.

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