Thunderbolt 5 could reach speeds of 80 GB per second

On few occasions we look at the speed of the USB A or USB type C ports but this is something to keep in mind if we work with files external to our computers. In this sense, Apple usually differentiates the ports by the range of the equipment, the more powerful have the better ports than the less powerful and in this sense the data transfer speeds can be very different depending on the port. Now the new Thunderbolt 5 technology could reach speeds of 80 GB per second if we pay attention to an image taken in the laboratories of Intel.

Not all USB ports are the same

There are many types of USB port, although for the vast majority of users they are all the same. In this case we have notable differences between a Thunderbolt port and one that is not, this cannot be noticed with the naked eye but it will be noticed in the transfer speed or even in its capabilities, transmitting an image signal to a monitor of high resolution or charging the device not all ports do even if their “input” is the same.

In this case, an image of Intel’s executive vice president and director of the personal computing section reached the social network Twitter revealing the future of these ports with a sign that showed “80G PHY Technology”, which means the arrival of this transfer speed of 80 GB per second. Today it would mean twice the speed of Thunderbolt 4 technology. Macs are a clear example of the differences between Thunderbolt ports and their power depending on the standard used in them.

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