News: Edge helps us buy cheap, Teams is safer and Clippy returns

Seeing how little success the original Edge initially had, the software giant had to rethink its ideas to fully enter this important software sector. For all this he gave life to the new Edge based on Chromium engine of your competitor and thus be able to face the leaders in this market. The truth is that little by little a hole is being made in it, largely thanks to the functions and improvements that are arriving based on updates.

The new Edge allows you to save on purchases

In fact, the firm recently just sent a new version in the form of an update for this well-cared for browser. There are several functions that have been revised, as well as the news coming to Edge. But if there is something that characterizes this new update of the application, about the advantages it brings us when making online purchases. E-commerce is more in use than ever, Microsoft wants to take advantage of the circulation to implement facilities in your browser.

Well, among these we can highlight that now we can see the opinions and ratings of other customers while we shop at Microsoft Edge. In the same way we can streamline the purchase process thanks to the express checkout function integrated. But that’s not all, but the browser itself will allow us to save time and money when planning our next trip. By changing the third, improvements have also been implemented in the home page and in the groups of tabs that are having so much success.

Clippy returns to our lives in Windows 11

Surely many of you remember Clippy, the character in the form of a Microsoft clip that helped us years ago in the company’s products. Well, now we tell you that for some time now we have been talking a lot about the new Windows 11 emojis. These elements are gradually reaching the operating system. In fact, in the most recent version of the system that reached us a few hours ago, some new ones have arrived, including the long-awaited Clippy.

The new Fluent Design emojis for Windows 11 want to reach most users as quickly as possible.

clippy Windows

The web version of Teams will be more secure

Everything related with privacy and security It is something that we must take into consideration regardless of the program or platform that we are talking about. This is something that is especially evident in solutions that work through the web, as in the case of Microsoft’s Teams. Well, from what we are now knowing shortly the web version of this service will be much more secure. We are telling you all this because the platform will soon require permissions on native devices per application.

Microsoft Teams interface

This means that Microsoft is adding an existing security feature to Teams on the web in the desktop and mobile versions. Through this shortly we will have to grant component permissions per use in Teams from the web. This feature will help increase Teams security when applications ask for permission to use items such as webcams, microphones, or location data.

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