Niid raises 800,000 euros and prepares its release on the market

Niid has recently captured a total of 800,000 euros for its arrival on the market. The first technology that was born with the objective of solving the needs associated with the lifestyle of managers and their families was founded in 2022 by Álvaro Sancho (Top Doctors), Lourdes Carbó (Alberta Lagrup) and other strategic reference partners.

Niid (from need, in English) seeks to make life easier for executives and their families, solving all personal needs and lifestyle they may have, thus favoring work-life balance and optimizing the performance of their talent, in an efficient, confidential and intuitive manner.

The technological platform, a pioneer in its category, is the result of its own development, based on artificial intelligence & machine learning and an extensive network of lifestyle experts and achievers, certified in different categories.

2,000 active users

The technology company expects to reach around 2,000 active users next year and a turnover that will exceed one million euros. It also estimates that it will create 30 direct and qualified jobs.

After an initial investment of just over 250,000 euros fully disbursed by the founding partners, the technology company has obtained the support of ENISA and some renowned executives such as José Antonio Llorente, founder of LLYC, Jaime Sol, EY partner, Antonio Soto, former president of Pepsi Spain and Founder and director of Real Conservera Española, among others and that represent a differential impulse in the strategy of penetration in the Spanish and international market.

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