OpenSea vs Coinbase, where is it better to buy an NFT?

While we have been talking about everything related to cryptocurrencies for a long time, NFT It is a booming concept for a few months. In fact, there are many end users and companies that are investing in these Non Fungible Tokens through platforms such as OpenSea or Coinbase, among many others.

As we told you, lately there has been a lot of talk about this term and the different investments that are being carried out. At first it might seem like entertainment, but make no mistake. From what has been seen, some have made significant investments when buying these NFTs, and have put a good amount of real money at risk. In fact, they are digital goods that just by moving around the internet a little we find in a multitude of specialized websites and platforms.

But with everything and with it we recommend you inform yourself well to avoid disappointments in the future. We must bear in mind that on certain occasions we can even trade these digital goods by playing. However, with everything and with it we should not consider all this as a game, although at first it is presented to us that way. We have a wide variety of websites where buy NFT safely. Of course, the viability and profitability of the business that we carry out here, time will tell.

Those who want to get into the marketing of these digital goods that we discussed, may be wondering what is the best option to buy. In these lines we are going to talk about two alternatives related to all this virtual market such as those mentioned Open Sea and Coinbase.

Choose well when investing in NFT: Coinbase or OpenSea

In this way you will have the possibility to choose with a little more knowledge of the cause when it comes to acquire these goods. The first thing we should know in this regard is that Coinbase has just entered this specific NFT market. Although the platform has been part of the proposals related to various cryptocurrencies for some time, its head is now committed to these digital goods.

On the contrary, OpenSea already has a long trading experience with these types of items. But one thing to keep in mind is that that experience and security are not free. With this, what we want to tell you is that, both for the purchase and for the sale, we will have to pay a commission.

Thus, at first we could say that, in terms of reliability and experience, OpenSea is a more attractive option to buy NFT. This is something that is especially evident in those users who are starting with this type of digital business. On the contrary, we must bear in mind that this platform takes a operations commission that we do, as we mentioned before.

However, due to its recent launch, for a limited time the new proposal does not take any commission, which is an advantage for buyers. Another interesting advantage that we find in coinbase that now uses NFT, is that it allows us to centralize everything related to these elements, under the same brand. In short, we could say that now that Coinbase is debuting with NFTs, it is a good alternative to test and enter this market, right now more attractive than OpenSea.

open sea website

First of all, we must bear in mind that trading with this type of digital goods is currently in the doldrums. This means that this market is falling compared to what happened a few months ago, so it may not be the best option today.

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