Other than Apple Park, does Apple have any more offices?

Although Apple Park is considered to be Apple’s only product creation site, the North American company has more office and development buildings built and fully operational. In this post we tell you what they are and where they are.

It is true that Apple Park is considered the epicenter of Apple, but only part of the work of the technology company is carried out there. For a company to be as successful as Apple, the entire process of designing new devices and operating systems has to be very well organized. The brand considers that each department must have its own space, in order to clearly develop ideas. That is why Apple has several work centers, spread throughout California.

These are their other offices

One of the most outstanding campuses is that of the Infinite Loop Avenue, in Cupertino. It was the first campus that Apple created more than 25 years ago, and it was where Apple products were created. Not all development was done in that building, but it was very important in creating the designs. Some of Apple’s best products were created at this headquarters, but after the construction of Apple Park and fulfilling one of Steve Jobs’ dreams, the headquarters moved to this new venue which has undoubtedly meant that all fans of the mark want to go visit him. The Apple Park has established itself as a place of pilgrimage to go to if you are in the United States and you are a true Apple fanatic.

However, shortly after Apple Park opened, it was announced that Apple’s third campus, called Wolfe Campus, was already in operation. It is a complex that only houses offices, and as it is designed to work, it does not have a space to receive the followers of the brand. The creation of this office complex was announced in 2017, in 2018 the first progress of the works could be seen and it was released in 2019. It took little time to create this enormous building, which although it is not as spectacular as Apple Park, It is very important for the development of the activities of the brand.

campus 3

And even with three Campuses already full of employees, Apple is still pouring money into creating more office buildings. The company has obtained the rights to build a fourth campus on 34-hectare land about 10 km from the Apple Park, next to the San José International Airport and about 10 kilometers from the Apple Park. The location is perfect, since it is attached to a railway network that would connect this fourth Campus with the airport and the center of San José. The plan is to take advantage of each and every square meter of that land to build office buildings that can even be 50% larger than Apple Park. As it is a large-scale complex, the works may take up to 12 more years, but it will undoubtedly be a great advance in terms of infrastructure for Apple.

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