Pixel 3 received its latest update

In the event that you are the owner of one of Google’s branded smartphones, namely the Pixel 3, then you should no longer wait for any new updates for your device. And to go into more detail, Esper’s Mishaal Rahman has learned that the aforementioned tech giant is releasing the latest security update for the Pixel 3 and 3 XL. And in this regard, it is important to recall that some time ago the company announced that the Pixel 3 and indeed “will still receive the last update, which should be released in the first quarter of 2022.”

Well, now the company, after releasing a fresh update, has confirmed to the authoritative publication Engadget that this is indeed the last update that the device will receive. One way or another, if we talk specifically about the update itself, then it is not known what exactly the new patch fixes. However, as DarkPlayer has already noted, the ID of the latest build is the same as the ID of the October patch, intended for new Pixel models that work only through the Verizon operator. So this very update can be considered more of a catch-up release, rather than an actual patch.

However, in the same case, if you are the owner of the company’s new smartphones, you can rightly expect much more. The fact is that Google published an update of February 2022 not only for its Pixel 3 smartphones, but also for newer models, which will feel various innovations much more strongly. Thus, the new edition solves several serious problems at once, including a sudden reboot while using the camera, turning off the sound broadcast via Bluetooth devices, and also gets rid of problems with the quality of connection to specific telecom operators, and also normalizes the keyboard, which in in some cases override the text you enter.

But of course, if you like the Pixel 3 and don’t intend to leave it anytime soon, then you’ll be more upset by the innovation, as it’s the last one. But again, all those who have smartphones starting with Pixel 4 should not worry. In relation to them, Google promises five years of support with constant releases of security updates. Thanks to this, the owners of Pixel 6 can not worry about this until 2026.

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