Pixel 6: Google promises to fix Wi-Fi bugs in March

The Pixel 6 will be entitled to a new patch. Aware of the Wi-Fi bugs caused by the February update, Google is committed to correcting the situation. The firm has developed a patch for this new failure. It will be integrated into the March update.

The Pixel 6 continue to chain software bugs and fixes. Earlier this month, Google rolled out February 2022 Update on its new high-end smartphones. This firmware added the monthly Android security patch and fixed some minor bugs. Unfortunately, the installation did not go as expected on some Pixel 6s.

According to the testimonials that have appeared online, the update cuts the Wi-Fi connection of some smartphones. To recover a connection, you must go through the restart of the phone. This temporary solution does not work on all units. Asked by a user on Reddit, Google has confirmed a bug with the Wi-Fi of its Pixel 6.

March 2022 update will fix latest Pixel 6 bug

“After investigation, we have identified the root cause and determined that it is impacting a very small number of devices”, explains a Google official on the social network. As often, the manufacturer claims that the bug is confined to a small portion of smartphones.

“Of course, we realize this is a bad experience and have immediately developed a software fix which will be available in the next Google Pixel update, which will be rolled out in March”, continues the manager on Reddit. For affected users, it will therefore be necessary wait for monthly update to resume normal use of their terminal.

Google also offers users who are victims of the bug to contact its helpdesk. “If you would like to explore other options in the meantime, please contact our support team, who are ready to help”says the manager, without specifying the options available.

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The March 2022 update will arrive on all smartphones in the Pixel range from the first days of March. It will contain the March Android security patch as well as a fix for the Wi-Fi issue caused by the previous update.

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