Pixel 6: the screen of some smartphones cracks for no reason

The Pixel 6 suffers from a manufacturing defect. According to testimonials on the web, the screen of two Google smartphones cracks for no apparent reason after a few days of use. The company has reportedly opened an investigation into this new problem.

The Pixel 6 has been accumulating bugs since their release to the world. Many users have noticed strange malfunctions with the two flagships of the brand. According to some accounts, the screen sometimes flashes green or displays pinkish tints, the smartphone sometimes makes random calls, the charge no longer works or the fingerprint reader is temporarily deactivated.

To correct the situation, Google has deployed an update including several fixes. Unfortunately, the line of smartphones also suffers from a hardware flaw. According to a shower of testimonies appearing on the web, the screen of some Pixel 6 starts to crack and to split up for no apparent reason.

A manufacturing defect on the Pixel 6 screen? Google opens an investigation

“I had only had the 6 Pro for about 4 days now and it just cracked in my pocket”, testifies a user on Reddit, assuring that the phone did not fall and was not violated. “I don’t know why they designed such fragile screens. Mine cracked within 24 hours of receiving it ”, follows another user on the Google support forum.

Most of the testimonials relate to the Pixel 6 Pro, the high-end edition. The standard Pixel 6 isn’t spared, however. However, both smartphones are protected thanks to Gorilla Glass Victus glass protection, which is considered to be the strongest on the market.

Apparently, the cracks are declared on the corners of the touch screen. Many affected units were however protected with a case or pouch. Buyers point the finger a manufacturing defect in the touch screen. It happens that some phones suffer from a defect that causes pressure to build up after a few hours or days of use.

For the moment, Google has not yet reacted to the assertions of consumers. However, some customers have contacted the American brand to complain. According to internet users, Google is said to have undertaken to launch an investigation as soon as possible.

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